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The World’s Top Aquarius Models…

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 Sasha Pivovarova…


Aquarius models are independent and free thinking. They’re particularly adaptable, often with an androgynous appeal that gives a great canvas for designers and artists that work with them.


Models With Sun In Aquarius (top left going clockwise): Eliza Cummings, Emily Baker, Mo Wandan, Erin O’Connor, Mariya Markina and Agyness Deyn.


Doutzen Kroes, Amber Valletta, Meghan Collison And Sasha Pivovarova

For the most weird and wonderful, abstract concepts, look to an Aquarius model.

The Top Aquarius Models…

☆ Sasha Pivovarova 21st January 1985 ☆ Anais Mokngar Mali 22nd January 1991 ☆ Mariya Markina 22nd January 1989 ☆ Doutzen Kroes 23rd January 1985 ☆ Elsa Sylvan 23rd January 1987 ☆ Patricia Schmid 23rd January 1985 ☆ Lisa Snowdon 23rd January 1971 ☆ Eliza Cummings 25th January 1991 ☆ Vicky Andren 25th January 1982 ☆ Lily Donaldson 27th January 1987 ☆ Liu Wen 27th January 1988 ☆ Mo Wandan 29th January 1988 ☆ Meghan Collison 2nd February 1988 ☆ Amber Valletta 9th February 1974 ☆ Erin O’Connor 9th February 1978 ☆ Emily Baker 10th February 1994 ☆ Selita Ebanks 15th February 1983 ☆ Agyness Deyn 16th February 1983 ☆

Beautiful Days…

Lots of top models are born in the last days of January right? What is it about those beautiful days that produce Aquarians to adore?

Notice Amber Valletta and Erin O’Connor are both born the 9th February, two very successful models with very different style.

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