Magic Infused Moon Ritual


Light Your Special Candle…


So, what is lunar ritual?

A ritual is simply a combination of gestures and words carried out in a sequential way that holds importance to the person conducting or participating in the ritual.

When you think about it, we participate in rituals every day, for example, before work when you read your favorite gossip site with a cup of coffee, or your weekly beauty ritual of skin exfoliation and deep hair conditioning.

We all have a ritual of some sort.

Lunar rituals are ancient practices that can help you grow, release and manifest both spiritually and tangibly.

The moon has been an important fixture in the daily life, routines, and rituals for humans of all cultures, in all areas of the world for eons.

The moon’s energy has a definite impact on both the planet and its inhabitants, humans and animals.

By aligning yourself with the natural rhythms and energy of the moon you are able to unlock a strong universal force while strengthening your creative and intuitive energies.

The moon has 8 phases, each with a specific energy vibration. The phase of the moon is very important when preparing your ritual as it dictates what actions you should be taking and the best way to focus your energy.

Of the 8 phases, the new moon and full moon carries the strongest energy. Read more on the 8 phases of the moon, here.


The New Moon is the beginning of the moon’s monthly cycle. During this time the moon is dark representing a blank slate or fertile ground waiting for your intentions to be planted.

Use the new moon to give new life to something already in existence, to gain fresh perspectives, or to begin something new.

When conducting a new moon ritual do it during the 24 hours that the new moon occurs in, or 2-3 days after the day of the actual new moon.

The moon is still in its new phase during this time but is beginning to gain some light which acts as a dose of fertilizer for your intentions to help them grow.

The Full Moon occurs about half way through the moon’s monthly cycle. During this time the moon is big and bright in the sky. Think of this phase as time to reap what is sown. Either things bloom and are ready to be picked or things are fruitless and didn’t work as planned.

Either way, we must accept the end of this cycle and move forward. This is a time to harvest, or to accept the necessary ending of a phase. Conduct your full moon ritual no more than 2 days before the full moon or on the day of the full moon.

Prepping for your Ritual – Top Tips!

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lunar-ritual-toolsGather Your Tools

These things aren’t necessary but they help create an inspiring atmosphere and boost the positive energy in your space. I like to refer to these things as magic tools, things such as fresh flowers, crystals, sage bundles, a natural shell saucer, inspirational affirmation or a religious passage, and incense or fragrance oils.

Anything that will inspire you or that holds a special meaning.

Check out the online shop for soy ritual candles, sage bundles and more!

Get Clear On Your Intentions

New and full moons can bring up lots of emotion. Take time to weed through your feelings or the details of a situation you’re experiencing. Taking a step back helps you zero in on where to focus for the best results. Let’s say you have money on your mind. Your full moon intentions could be something like, “Stop spending money on frivolous things” or “Release the fear of not having enough”. For a new moon, focus your energy on attracting a better job or diligently sticking to your budget. This shouldn’t be a laundry list, keep it short and sweet. Write your intentions down and save them for later.

Create Some Candle Magic

Burning a candle during the new and full moon is a scared practice. The candle serves as your petition to the universe asking for its blessings and to synergize the timing of events to support the manifestation of your goals. Select a candle color that resonates with your intentions and the energy you want to attract (or release). A white candle serves as a default; it can be used for all purposes. Consult this Candle Color Guide can help you select the right color of your ritual.

Cleanse & Clear

Cleanse your energy before you start. You definitely want to have your energy and your body in a calm, relaxed, and clear state before beginning your ritual. You can accomplish this in two ways: with a sage smudge, a nice relaxing shower, or both.

While showering imagine any stagnant energy or bad vibes being washed away, down the drain with the water. While smudging, imagine the stagnant energy being moved up and away from you with the smoke. You should feel lighter when you are done.

You can do this anytime you need to rid yourself of unpleasant thoughts or stagnant energy.

Conducting Your Ritual

Conduct your energy cleanse, setting up your candle and magic tools in your space.


Once you have everything arranged the way you want, pull out the paper you wrote your intentions on. Light the candle, then spend some time reading over your intentions, meditating on them.

Imagine the melting wax, melting away any blockages in the way of attaining your goals. As the flame flickers think of it as representing your passion and strength to bring your goals to reality; this is called intention setting.

You can hold your crystal(s) while you are setting your intentions, to strengthen your energy of attraction (or release). When you are done setting your intentions, read your affirmation or other
inspiring words to complete the ritual. Then place your intentions underneath your candle.


Consistency is key with a candle magic ritual. Spend at least 10 minutes a day meditating, visualizing, and reading over your intentions. I like to keep my candle burning until it burns out.

For safety, place the candle in a small, shallow bowl of water. If you aren’t able or not comfortable with keeping your candle continuously lit, burn your candle for at least an hour a day and then snuff the flame.

Happy Manifesting!