A Time To Bloom Beautifully! 5 Beltane Rituals – Taurus Season, Floralia, May Day & More…

Read Up On This Day In May, A Time To Celebrate Spring In All Its Glory...

The Floralia Festival…

The midpoint between Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice – during the middle of Taurus Season – we have ‘Beltane’. This is also known as the ‘fires of Bel’, May Day, ‎Calan Mai‎, or ‎Walpurgis Night… In Roman times there was Floralia.

Read about the astrological significance of Beltane and its timing, here.

Inspiration for rituals of Beltane can come from “Goddess Flora”. We can look at the traditional rites of passage, too.

Beltane Rituals & Goddess Flora…

A figure in Roman mythology, Flora is the goddess of flowers. Ruling over flowering plants (especially those that bear fruit), she’s also a patron of youth and the season of spring.

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A symbol for nature and one of several fertility goddesses, she holds particular importance at the coming of spring. Therefore, we associate her with Taurus Season, and the archetype of Taurus.

Flora is depicted as a lovely young woman in art, wearing symbols of spring. We see her holding flowers and crowned with blossoms. She embodies the flowering, or blossoming of nature, and teaches us to enjoy the pleasures of spring and the promise of good things to come in the future…

Flora’s festival Floralia coincided with the spring blossoming of plants, and was held from April 27th or 28th to May 3rd.

Festival Of Floralia…

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A festival with a “licentious, pleasure-seeking atmosphere”, Floralia festival-goers would wear bright clothing. Multi-coloured garments were customary (unlike other festivals where white was worn), while floral wreaths made of roses.

Participation of prostitutes in the Floralia is noteworthy. Many prostitutes in ancient Rome were slaves, and even free women who were sex workers lost their legal and social standing as citizens.

At this festival they danced naked and fought in mock gladiator combat, their inclusion perhaps tied to fertility, feminity, and the symbolism of Taurus – the Venusian courtesan, too.

A second festival for Goddess Flora arrived on May 23rd.

Beautiful Ritual Ideas For Beltane…

  • Hang Wreaths of flowers in bloom!
  • Place fresh flowers in your home or space, create a pretty floral crown…

  • Use spring flowers, floral waters, floral perfumes and spring water.
  • Wear bright colours.
  • Hang spring flowers at your door, including those bearing fruit like strawberries!

  • Cleanse and revitalise with fire, an important element during Beltane celebrations, thanks to the purifying qualities of fire.

  • Appreciate your body, practice affirmations in the mirror.
  • Make love during this fertile time, however use protection if not wanting to conceive!

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