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Art, Beauty, Culture & The Transit Of Neptune In Leo…

Discover more about collective influences, how we're moved by Neptune in this Sun-ruled sign!

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☆ The Roaring Twenties ☆ The Dramatic Star ☆ Flapper Dresses ☆ Performance ☆ Bling ☆

Planet Neptune really tunes into the fashion style of the moment, as it’s all about the glamour, the art, the style of the moment.

On the 19th July, 1915, planet Neptune took up residence in the zodiac sign Leo for a 14 year stay, leaving for Virgo in July 1929.

What started as a purr broke out into what was the Roaring Twenties, as the planet of culture, trends, song and dance took on the Lion’s share, and a dazzling sense of fun and star power!

Neptune in Leo – A Sun Ruled Sign…

With Neptune in a Sun-ruled sign, Leo, the areas governed by the Sun can be glamorised, idealised, or dissolved and diluted…

What’s more, the tone of the Sun itself will resonate…

The Sun oversees the ego, our purpose and persona – it’s about identity and star power!

During this time we saw individuals honoured and revered, Kings, leaders, movie stars and ‘special’ folk.

Lights, Camera, Action!

A time of prosperity, of Art Deco, expressionism, jazz, cinema and dramatic movie stars, the era of Neptune in Leo was a high glamor spell of flappers, flamboyance and frivolity.

Commercial radio broadcasting signalled the birth of the Golden Age of Radio, as well as the Golden Age of American Cinema and the Arts and entertainment!

Short cropped hair styles were in with tight curls and big fur collars – very lionesque!


Neptune In Leo Style – The Showgirl…

Gloria Swanson, Star Power!

Neptune In Leo Icon: Leo, Coco Chanel…

A proud Leo, Coco Chanel is perhaps the most prominent designer of the Neptune in Leo period, and two years prior to this glamorous spell, she dramatically changed the course of fashion history, introducing women’s sportswear and jersey garments.

She would then bring the black dress into fashion.

Smocks were in style as people followed their passions of motoring, golf and the beach.

Salvador Dalí 1925…

Major Trends:

  • Flamboyant Fashion
  • Flapper dresses – designed to show off the talents of the wearer
  • The ‘Performance’
  • Costume Jewellery, Bling
  • Cropped Hair like a lion!
  • Super dramatic
  • Make-Up – from stage and screen to one and all…

Beaded, gilded and glam, Neptune in Leo fashion style was full of drama and theatre, with flapper dresses that highlighted the creativity and dance capabilities of the person wearing it!

Example Flapper Dress…

Neptune In Leo Icon: Zelda Fitzgerald, Leo Sun & Rising…

The Beautiful and Damned, 1922 Cover…

Mr Gatsby himself, author F. Scott Fitzgerald declared his novelist wife Zelda to be ‘the first American Flapper.’

Her creativity, independence and attitude were exactly what being a flapper girl was all about.

Zelda Fitzgerald, 1927, portrait by Harrison Fisher…

Zelda was a Leo Sun, Mercury and Rising…

Neptune In Leo Icon: Leo Mae West!

Mae West, Cat Like Leo!

May West got her big break 1918, and went on to find even greater notoriety during the 20s.

Her 1928 play Diamond Lil was a story about a racy, easygoing, and ultimately very smart lady of the 1890s, and became a Broadway hit.

It cemented West’s image in the public’s eye, as did her short cropped hair. Her style was very much tight curls and big fur collars – very lionesque!

Neptune In Leo Icons: Elizabeth Arden & Helena Rubenstein, Making YOU The STAR…

Neptune in Leo took stage paint to the masses – makeup and the makeover were born.

This was particularly orchestrated by two Capricorn’s – with the Sun and Venus in Capricorn!

Elizabeth Arden, 1922…

Elizabeth Arden Babini Perfume Ad, 1923…

Elizabeth Arden (born 1878) and Helena Rubenstein (born 1870) used Neptune in Leo to turn the tides of beauty, to put the individual as the hero of their story. 

In 1915 Elizabeth Arden launched her first cosmetic line, changed her name (from Florence Nightingale Graham), married and began international operations, while Rubenstein escaped the war in Europe, arriving in New York to set up her first salon the same year: the year that Neptune moved into Leo.

Despite both businesswomen now established household names, in the 1920’s it was far more common to see cosmetics and makeup used on stage and screen – a very Leo domain.

Nevertheless, they were height of chic innovation, making their beauty mark during the spell of Neptune in Leo.

Born With Neptune In Leo…

There are two ways we can observe Neptune in Leo.

One is through the influence this transit had on people, and the art, music and fashions that became popular during this time frame.

The other is to examine those with the transit or planet prominent – and indeed the zodiac sign.

Marilyn Monroe: Neptune Rising In Leo…

Monroe was the poster girl for Neptune in Leo, demonstrating true glamour – the gold dress below is just one of her looks that emphasises the regal, showstopping power of Leo!

Ava Gardner…

Frank Sinatra, Neptune in Leo on the Midheaven…

Iconic star of film, Frank Sinatra was a Sun-Mercury Sagittarius born with Neptune at 2º18′ Leo, Midheaven 3º35′, (a Leo South Node at 10º47′) and Mars in Leo at 27º34′. 

Judy Garland…

Critically acclaimed for many different roles throughout her career, Garland is most known for playing the part of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, where she followed the yellow brick road, and journeyed with a lion!

Anne Frank: Mars, Moon, Neptune In Leo + Leo Rising…

Diarist Anne Frank is an incredible example of the Neptune in Leo generation, born to write one of the world’s best-known books.

I remember going to the museum-home in Amsterdam, and marvelled at the walls of her bedroom, which still had postcards and pictures of movie stars she had collected, before her period in hiding.

Anne wrote on 27 January 1944:

‘I still spend many Sundays arranging and sorting my large movie-star collection, which has taken on extremely respectable dimensions. Mr. Kugler does me a great favor when he brings me a copy of Cinema & Theater each Monday.’

Leo Rising: Betty White, Ella Fitzgerald, Maya Angelou, Ingrid Bergman and Dorothy Dandridge.

+ John F Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Elizabeth II, Marlon Brando, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Andy Warhol, Stanley Kubrick, Hugh Hefner, Richard Burton, Dean Martin, Sathya Sai Baba, Miles Davis, Hedy Lamarr, Kirk Douglas, Rock Hudson and Eartha Kitt.

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