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Neptune In Pisces…

Discover more about the collective influences, how we're moved by Neptune in this Jupiter-ruled sign!

Share the trends of the era and this astrology analysis – the signature style of Neptune in Pisces…


Dates? Neptune appears in Pisces: 2011 to 2025…

☆ Deep Fakes ☆ Mermaids, Rainbows & Unicorns ☆ Yoga & Meditation ☆ Idealised Beauty ☆ Dreamy Illusions, Filters & Viral Imagery ☆

Neptune is the planet that transcends ‘human’ limits, so that while Saturn imposes borders, boundaries and rules, Neptune dissolves what’s comprehended, to go beyond.

It is a planet that signifies the quality of mysteries, the tantalising and unknowable, encompassing our dreams and fantasies, spiritualism, escapism, irrationality, illusions and delusions.

Planet Neptune really tunes into the stream of life: the mainstream, and therefore the fashion trends, and style of the times. This planet is all about the collective sway, ‘movement’, the glamour, art, and style of the moment.

Therefore, it’s of special interest to Star Sign Style! A planet that resonates with overarching trends, with mass entertainment, music, movies and what pulls our attention, here and there…

Neptune in Pisces – A Jupiter Ruled Sign…

With Neptune in a Jupiter-ruled sign, Pisces, the areas governed by Pisces can be glamorised, idealised, or dissolved and diluted…

What’s more, the tone of Jupiter itself will resonate…

Jupiter oversees broadcasting, publishing, broader horizons, long distance and foreign travel, and faith – we have had a rise in ‘streaming services’ and a flooding of glamorous, dreamy imagery via the Internet, an over saturation of media.

This is the planet of growth, expansion, healing, prosperity, luck and good fortune – and miracles.

Jove, Jupiter presides over higher education, religion, and the law, too…

We’ve seen the popularisation of Pisces areas:

  • Yoga, crystals, crystal bowls and sound healing,
  • CBD for the masses, DMT, micro-dosing trends, cacao,
  • Astrology, Tarot and platforms that bring instant access to divination practices
  • Selfies – the soft lens exacerbated and gone overboard,
  • Delusion en mass, “deep fakes“, “fake news”, illusions cast
  • Art and photography stolen online, blurred and overshared, ‘going viral’
  • Mass sharing on social platforms without credit; a blurring of artistic boundaries
  • Spirituality glamorised and a dissolving of religious dogma
  • Poetic Quotes on social media, viral Memes and faces, dreamy Instagram filers, 
  • Rainbows, Unicorns, Mermaids & Fantasy
  • Cameras on our person at all times, able to capture the moment
  • Streaming services, Netflix and chill, zoning out through media
  • Jesus beards, idealised femininity (Kim Kardashian)
  • Pharmaceutical industry prominent.

Beauty & Fashion Trends

Neptune in Pisces fashion style tunes into Pisces…

Neptune In Pisces Fashion Style

The sign of sacrifice, zodiac sign Pisces relates to the image of Jesus. You’ll notice that Christianity uses the symbol of the fish too, like Pisces, as it’s a religion of the ‘Age of Pisces’.

Note a connection to the divine and other-worldliness, the alternative realms of music and mysticism…

Pisces Rising Billie Eilish…

What now captures your imagination?

Notice what you’ve explored since 2011!


Neptune In Pisces Transits…

Neptune in Pisces is a beautiful thing to behold, however as a transit it can be scary too.

If Neptune connects to your birth chart with powerful aspects you can find yourself lost, with frightening, overwhelming feelings such as grief, loss and sadness at the fore.

Born With Neptune In Pisces…

There are two ways we can observe Neptune in Pisces.

One is through the influence this transit had on people, and the art, music and fashions that became popular during this time frame.

The other is to examine those with the transit or planet prominent – and indeed the zodiac sign.

Since Neptune only bobbed into Piscean waters in 2011 it’s only the very youngest who have this signature in their charts.

Harper Seven Beckham (born on 10 July 2011), the Kardashian Kids, the Royals (Prince George) and the younger TikTok / YouTuber generation are in this category, but better to let them flourish and grow before trying to discern any patterns, just yet.

Candidates from the previous cycle include Vincent van Gogh, Gauguin, Gaudi, Nikola Tesla, Sigmund Freud (known for his dream work), Oscar Wilde, Strindberg, Rudolf Steiner, Chekhov, Hanel, and Puccini (Madama Butterfly).

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