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Relationship Fears By Zodiac Sign… The Scariest Milestones According To Astrology!

Whether its a shot summer romance or a life-long commitment, relationships usually hit a few milestones – from meeting the parents to saying three words we all long to hear… I love you!

But what are the biggest triggers based on zodiac sign?

Lets break down some of the biggest relationship phobias with an astrological twist, to show there’s nothing to be scared of!

It’s –


Don’t forget you’re so much more than your sun sign! It’s worth looking at your Venus, Mars and moon sign, to reveal even more about your disposition in relationships.

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So, what scares each sign?

ARIES – Revealing Your Softer Side…

Aries loves to appear confident and a champion of life, *winning* at life and at every hurdle.

If they’re not number one in a certain field Aries quickly looses interest. To a loving suitor they adore being centre of attention (though they also love the chase!) Therefore showing their soft, vulnerable side is quite the challenge. However Aries is brutally honest (like Sagittarius), so once coaxed will reveal bumps and bruises to their ego.

TAURUS – The First Few Dates!

Although this sign aren’t as fussy as the Virgo lot, Taurus can be particularly picky when it comes to food, wine and restaurants. The choice will need to be just right, so expect drama if her date doesn’t choose a decent location or orders total crap off the menu – she’s out of there.

Coupledom is far easier in the Netflix and chill zone where Taurus can indulge her senses with decadent comforts at home, or when a couple has their regular date night restaurants down pat.

GEMINI – Being Called ‘Exclusive’

Gemini is a free and flighty bird that hates to be tied down, so settling on one suitor could prove challenging. Great at multitasking, slightly commitment-phobic.

CANCER – Meeting Rowdy Friends…

Shy Cancer can often work better in small circles and operates brilliantly in family settings, but shine the spotlight on them in a crowd and they might retreat into their crab shell. Soft and sensitive, a noisy bar could bring out emotional side! Go gently bit by bit…

LEO – When The Excitement Wanes…

The honeymoon period being over is death to Leo, the warm, generous, fun loving sign that basks in the delightful season of summer – their style is to run along the beach, wind in hair with endless summer love in their memory. Settling into monotony is a total Kill Joy, the antithesis to their life. Passion must remain.

VIRGO – First Kiss, Sex And Big-O!

Bad breath, unsightly undies, or what if it’s a let down?

Virgo is mis-represented as a virgin, it’s actually the sign of harvest and of the Goddess of innocence and purity – Astraea. Virgo is often a fan of cleanliness and perfection, and no doubt wants her first time to be truly blissed out! Think white linen and tons of foreplay.

LIBRA – First Fight!

The sign of balance and equilibrium, Libra likes a beautiful surface image and for everything to look its best. Their talent is social niceties and creating harmonious environments, and fights disturb the peace. They don’t like arguing, preferring other tactics to get their way in partnership, however this air sign will blow up like a hurricane when pushed. They don’t like to but when necessary…

SCORPIO – Revealing Their Dark Secrets, Moving In…

Private Scorpio will really have to trust you before moving in together, cracking open the closet on their most secret possessions – or expect them to have a lock-up in the neighbouring town!

SAGITTARIUS – Sightseeing And The First Trip…

If you don’t keep up you might not make the cut for Sagittarius, who loves to roam free!

A natural traveller, Saggy is a pro when it comes to new territories, and if you love being stuck in a hotel room or planning it safe you’ll throw a bucket of water on their bright spark.


Meeting the family – unless they’re a cut above… Capricorn’s worst nightmare would be marrying into a family that lacks class or has bad table manners… Will they meet the high standards of Capricorn?!!

AQUARIUS – Saying “I Love You”

Saying “I Love You” because what does that even mean anyway?

Aquarius loves everyone – from their wide circles of never-ending friends and extended fam, to the political causes they’re championing, to the cleaning lady who always recycles their trash. This zodiac sign might say it, but truly meaning it might be a rubix cube of a puzzle they are grappling with – intellectualising their feelings instead of feeling them.

PISCES – When The Dream’s Done…

Fairytale princess Pisces dreams of the perfect wedding, however once it’s over and done with what’s left to dream about? Getting married can be a massive high followed by a crushing low! Best take gorgeous pics to remember the special day forever-and-ever-and-happily-ever-after…

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