This Zodiac Rug by Sasha Bikoff Interior Design Is Magic!

Perfect for the astrologers office...

Designer Sasha Bikoff of Sasha Bikoff Interior Design has stunned and delighted with her wool and nylon creation.

The zodiac rug takes about 6 to 7 weeks production time, a 8 ft (243.84 cm) piece with astrological motifs running around a midnight sky.

The round floor covering is set with a gorgeous palette of blues and ultraviolet’s.


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There are three options and prices for ‘Zodiac’ by Sasha Bikoff Interior Design – all in USD

  • 8′ round – $9,400.00
  • 10′ round – $14,600.00
  • 12′ round – $21,100.00.

Perfect for the astrologer’s office, or mystic’s living room….!



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