My Top 5 Things To Do During Scorpio Season!

Dig A Little Deeper During The Sun's Time Touring The Scorpion's Lair...

There’s a reason for each and every season, but what to during the Scorpion’s reign? Discover my Top 5 Things To Do During Scorpio Season, with cosmic inspiration! October 23rd to November 22nd…

General events every Scorpio Season include:

What to do during this month, when the Sun moves through Scorpio

1. Be Erotic… & Prepare For Intensity!

Some pleasure is fun, superficial, flirty, surface and light. Other types of intimacy require trust.

Just as Taurus Season incites a steady sensuality and indulgence of enjoyment in the material realms, Scorpio Season stokes the imagination emotionally.

Intense, mysterious and emotional, this fixed water sign relates to tantalising sexual arousal, desire and the need to be close, vulnerable and emotionally bonded, with excitement that lies within the promise of loyalty.

Trust built with another is key – someone to share secrets with, our private fantasies…

During this month, you can take a committed approach to merging energies with others – sex or a sexual fantasy or by taking a chance trusting others with something you wouldn’t normally share.

2. Celebrate Halloween! Or Samhain

Scorpio energy is powerful and dark – just look at its spirit animal, the deadly Scorpion, who lurks under fallen crisp autumn leaves, ready to sting and prey on its victims.

Just as there is light in the world, there are also shadows, evil and our own dark nature to contend.

Haunting notions of ghost, gouls and spooks prevail, at this time when “the thinning of the veil” is tantamount.

Dressing up in disguise, playing out a fantasy, is an ideal past-time for this time of year, so get all dolled up…

3. Get Into Goth…

Glamorous gothic touches suit the Scorpio spirit.

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After the superficiality of Libra Season – playing nice – it’s time to get down, digging deep and dirty with Scorpio Season; this is no time to stay on the surface or be shallow, it won’t work.

Embrace intimacy and the dark side, hide in shadowy corners with a sting, poised to strike!

4. Know Death, The Unknowable, And Address Uncomfortable Truth!

What Lies Regenerating In The Forest Floor?

Scorpio Season is a mysterious time of the year, when leaves are trodden on, turning to mulch, when beasts and beetles are active in dark, shadowy corners…

This is a Zodiac sign of perception – intuitive, brooding and emotional (like fellow water signs Cancer and Pisces), this deep sign is the psychologist, psychotherapist, private investigator (or ace detective), an expert researcher.

Jealous and suspicious, deeply provocative and probing, Scorpio energy – and the Sun’s tour of this Zodiac Sign – rouses is a time to get a little investigatory over a lover, to probe secrets and all that’s gone unspoken

Take things to the next level, all the while ensuring you’re showing up with something to offer and bring to the table – resources, depth and things usually swept under the rug… 

Dig and go deeper, unearthing and getting to the bottom of mysteries and secrets. Do away with small talk, cut the crap and the BS to talk about what’s stirring beneath the surface.

5. Be Reborn – Float In Still Waters…

Fixed water sign Scorpio is absolutely the sign of transformation; death, rebirth, regeneration, transition, and along with Pisces, subconscious forces.

This is a time to really embrace shifts – and even get a colonic to fully purge.

Like the Pheonix rising from the ashes, no-one has mastered the art of transmuting energy like this brooding sign (just look at drag Queen Ru Paul!).

As this is one month to surrender – die – and come out the other side, you can consider this a time for shifts, makeovers, a time to shed old [snake]skin!

The intensity of this season is akin to life and death matters, so go with the rollercoaster…

What are your choice activities for Scorpio Season? Let me know on social channels! Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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