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Fertility And Astrology – Getting Pregnant Using Astrology!


– Getting Pregnant Using Astrological Timing…

I met Nicola Smuts Allsop at the 2018 IVC Astrology Conference, where she spoke about her specialist interest in Fertility Astrology – an alternative and supplement to Fertility Treatment.

It’s always exciting to meet astrologers with a specialist interest, and Nicola has developed a true niche in the area of fertility, helping couples on their journey to parenthood. She’s developed specific and unique astrological techniques, successfully applying them to modern day fertility issues. Check out the video below.

Many individuals battling with infertility explore different ways to support their treatment, and Fertility Astrology is a perfect method to support mainstream medical practice. All Nicola needs is a birth date, the time you were born and place. The same information is needed for the partner, gestational carrier or egg donor.

Not only does she consult with couples looking to discover the best time to get pregnant using astrology, she has also developed an app that suggests the best times for just $9.99 usd – so those not looking to invest in a consultation can still work with her methods!

Fertility And Astrology

She explains:

Astrology is all about time. Most doctors will agree with the statement that sometimes with fertility treatment, especially where there are no specific problems, that it is simply “not the right time”. Of course this is not comforting to the patient, who is usually desperate to fall pregnant, but an astrologer can help by pin-pointing those fertile moments in a chart and getting the couple to accept the nature of time and patience. There can be up to three astrologically fertile moments in a year in anyone’s chart, at child bearing age of course, and it would benefit both the patient and the doctor if patients would use astrology to time their treatments.


The Fertility Astrology Calculator App

Nicola has developed the Fertility Astrology App, which leads the user through a set of questions, and for just $9.99 fee you can reveal your personal results!

Download the app via iTunes and Android via the links here. You can also email Nicola for a private consultation, or read more at her website

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