In Times Of Stress… Self Care For The Zodiac Signs…

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During times of stress it’s important to take care of yourself in a number of ways.

Remember, the new moon and full moon are just two times a month to up your levels of self care, but really, who needs an excuse?

Still, if you did want a reminder the points in the lunar cycle make for a terrific time to pause – at new moon, everyone can benefit from quiet contemplation, release and consolidation, while at full moon there’s the potential for overwhelm and burn-out. Both make excellent times to spend extra time looking after number one.

Here are my favourite self-care rituals for each sign…

Self-Care By Zodiac Sign…


  • Take A Moment, Light A Candle – The not-so-secret pyromaniacs of the zodiac, Aries feels inspired by the warmth of a hot flame. Avoid burn-out by keeping the fires burning Aries. Keep a myriad of paraphernalia handy (sage, palo santo) and MEDITATE while watching your magic tools burn…
  • Head Massage + Hair Cut – Aries isn’t regimented about any of her beauty (or cleanliness) habits, but loves to sit in the hairdressers chair to recharge and feel anew. She’ll want to request an extra-long head massage at the basin, as this sign holds tension in their heads.


  • Beauty Treatments – One of the two zodiac signs ruled by Venus, Taurus has a basic requirement to look good, feel good, smell good – you get the idea.
  • Connect With Nature – Earthy Taurus will do well to remind herself of her element – earth – connecting her toes and fingers to fresh grass, soil or setting foot on solid ground. This action can prove immensely reassuring and relaxing to the stable bull.
  • Nourish With Fine Foods – What better way to recharge and feel good about looking after oneself than through fine dining and spoiling yourself through the finest fodder? Taurus adores high quality snacks or a lavish spread to indulge.


  • Hand Massage, Manicure, Shoulder Massage – Gemini is the communicator of the zodiac and will often toil away at a desk, typing frantically, wearing her fingers to the bone. This sign loves a hand massage, forearms and shoulders too!
  • Talking Therapy – anything to relieve their anxiety-prone overthinking nature…


  • Boundaries – With Saturn and Pluto in the area of her horoscope related to others, Cancer is on a mission to create some firm ideas around who she is, and what she’s prepared to do for others. This is the zodiac sign represented by the soft crab that’s known for its tough exterior, and just like the crustaceous creatures of the seaside, Cancer can come off as snippy and protective, but underneath is super sensitive.
  • Hugs – A warm enveloping hug soothes the soul of watery Cancer.
  • Full Body Wrap – Being cocooned for 90 mins isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, but for home-lovin’ Cancer it could send them into a cosy state reminiscent of mother’s womb.
  • Comfort Food – Not always great for the waistline but sometimes oh so necessary, Cancer governs bakeries, bread, milk and cookies, as well as inns, harbours and places of safety – even the pub!


  • Makeover – Star of the show, Leo feels her best when lavished with compliments and attention. Head to the beauty counter and redeem the money you spend on a makeover on a couple of new products!
  • Shopping Spree!


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  • Health Check-in across diet and exercise, ensuring optimum wellness…
  • Quiet The Inner Critic – We can all get carried away with the brutal self-talk, but Virgo is notorious for giving herself a hard time. Meditation or therapy are awesome ways to relieve stress and quieten the chatter, and with Jupiter now in the emotional healing area of the horoscope Virgo can dig deep into her family values.


  • Dedicated Beauty Time
  • Face and Body Treatments
  • New Products


  • Psychotherapy
  • Detox
  • Sex
  • Spellwork


  • Vigorous Exercise
  • Travel as Self-Care
  • Nourishing the mind with a new book…


  • An Investment In Their Health –
  • Positive Affirmations – Saturn-ruled Capricorn has the propensity to look at the world with a “glass half-empty” outlook, at times. This sign can often feel depressed, lonely or like Eeyore from Winnie The Poo – pessimistic, gloomy and old before his time. Introducing uplifting sentiments throughout the day, and spoiling oneself is a great antidote.
  • Members Only Health Spa


  • Group Activities – the most alined with community and wider circles, Aquarius thrives among her network of peers and will recharge batteries much quicker in a sociable setting.
  • New Technology and Fitness Devices – Totally justifiable by the zodiac’s technological whizz, Aqua babes will want the latest apps to encourage their self-care regimen.


  • Pedicure and Foot Massage – Pisces governs the feet don’t you know, and will often have a deep love of foot treatments.
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

  • Aromatherapy and Holistic Health Treatments – Pisces is tuned into alternative practices at every level, including the wellness scene and its many variables. Your Pisces pal is bound to have tried the latest healer in town, and be a low-key expert on Reiki, Ayurveda and all kinds of holistic therapies you might not have even considered! Check out all the posts on aromatherapy, here.

Don’t forget to take inspiration for your sun-moon-Venus-Mars and Rising Signs! If you haven’t worked that out simply use the free birth chart calculator, here.

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