Ask An Astrologer – Saturn Return Helpful Hints!

In her new column, Aliza Einhorn is here to answer your Saturnian Questions...

Saturn Stories – 

Dear Aliza,

I’m worried! My first Saturn Return is only a year away. Can you help?


Will I Survive?

OF COURSE I can help, my child.

In fact, I wrote an entire book about Saturn: Saturn in the Signs, Saturn in the Houses, the Saturn Return and most importantly, the best approach to take when a challenging Saturn transit is on the horizon!

Remember that Saturn is your fear. You WILL feel anxious, afraid, blocked, a sense of terrible foreboding may encase you, but listen — Saturn doesn’t only “rule” fear and limitation, but also MATURITY, responsibility, discipline!

Saturn wants you to grow up.

You must face those fears, my darling. I don’t think you have a choice if you want to pass the “tests” of your first Saturn Return.

In fact, I don’t think you’ll be able to avoid what Saturn wants from you, although the temptation may be to stay in bed and eat cookies.

Believe me, I’ve been there!

My advice: PUT THE COOKIES DOWN, take out your chart, see precisely when your Saturn Return will be and make a plan.

Saturn LOVES plans, especially plans made in advance, long range plans. You’ll do amazing if you follow these three crucial steps.

1) learn about your personal natal Saturn, house, sign, aspects. Learn how Saturn operates in your own chart (and yes of course I can help you with this!)

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2) learn about SATURN itself. Saturn is not Venus! Saturn is not Jupiter! What does Saturn WANT? What does Saturn expect? How do we make Saturn happy?

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This is how you begin to think like an astrologer and not merely as someone getting accosted by the planets!

3) Once you’ve studied up, then it’s time to make that plan, a personal one.

Maybe you will change jobs. Maybe you will move across the country. Maybe you’ll get married, have a baby, divorce, have another baby. Maybe none of the above and instead you’ll undergo a wild spiritual transformation the likes of which will freak out all your friends!


The Saturn Return brings change. The Saturn Return is a crossroads.

Sometimes you have to stand there a while and wait for instruction, wait for the map.

Patience. What’s required is patience. Make sense?

I hope this helped.



Aliza Einhorn is a professional Astrologer and Tarot Reader. Her first book, The Little Book of Saturn is out now from Weiser Books.

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