What Is The Saturn Return In Astrology?


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Hopefully you’re already a fan of astrology, and need no pursuing that the stars really do have some sway over life on earth.

It’s not only the twinkling stars – or zodiac constellations that influence our ways but the planetary cycles, too.

Knowing where and when you were born can produce a birth chart or natal chart, alluding to the type of character you have. As Carl Jung famously said:

“We are born at a given moment in a given place and like vintage years of wine we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything else.”

30 maybe a milestone with plenty of candles lighting up your cake, but it’s important to note that by the time you’re 29 and a half, you’ll have experienced your Saturn Return.

That’s because Saturn takes 29.4 years to orbit the sun – one turn of the zodiac wheel.

So, you’ll experience your first Saturn Return between the ages of 27 and 29 and a half, and your second Saturn Return comes around age 58! A third will come at age 84, and each time you experience Saturn returning the themes of that period or lesson develop a little more deeply – depending if you paid attention the first time round…

Go easy on your parent, grandparent or friend you know that’s around these ages – they may be going through a tough time!

So, What Is The Saturn Return?

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First lets understand what Saturn is. It is of course a planet but it also carries with it a set of mythological qualities, which help is to understand its significance in astrology.

The symbolism of Saturn is ‘Grandfather time’ or the grim reaper – death. It’s about discipline, boundaries and focus, about reality and mortality. It’s about responsibility and being a grown-up.

Read more about serious Saturn in Astrology, here.

When Saturn returns the the place it was when you were born – when it’s done one turn of the zodiac, you’ve reached a maturation process: adulthood. Similarly when the sun has taken one turn of the zodiac we wish you “Many Happy Returns” as a way to say – “We hope you see many more cycles of the sun”. It’s your birth day – an annual event.

Many different things happen at the Saturn Return:

Some people break up from relationships that aren’t working, while others do the ‘responsible’ thing and get married.
Some people quit their jobs and seek their ‘real’ vocation, others commit to their business, industry or career.
Some people put down roots and buy a house, others leave town and loose their home…
Some people step into the role of ‘parent’.

What happens for the individual can be discovered one-to-one, and it’s often much more complex that a one-size-fits all. Typically, there’s a nagging feeling that something isn’t right – it’s now or never. Leave the relationship or be miserable. Quit the job and follow your dreams – or soon it will be too late…

Suit up and show up!

The commonalities are: reality, responsibility, taking ownership – the old shoe that dazzled us in our 20s no longer fits! Saturn forces our hand, forces us to look at something that helps us grow. And remember, pain is growth…

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Think of Saturn as headteacher, and the Saturn Return as bootcamp – tough but ultimately delivering strength and resilience. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and favours good students – the hardworking lot, willing to put in the hours… Therefore some zodiac signs will deal with their Saturn Return a little easier than others, and it also depends on what else is happening in the stars.

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