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Scorpio Beauty Comes With The Most Intense Intent…


Scorpio Beauty Winona Ryder…


How many Scorpions do you know?

If you’re familiar with people born under this zodiac sign you’ll recognise the intensity these people have in common.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign, and their strong emotional nature runs deep indeed. This sign has a capacity to explore the (very) dark depths of their feelings – and yours too if you’re not careful!

They can be quite extreme, but have the stealth and strength of character to manage their powerful emotions, most of the time…

Mysterious, Magnetic Charm


Sun In Scorpio – Kendal Jenner, Katy Perry And Demi Moore…

Like the pull of an unexplainable force field, Scorpio’s unique beauty asset is her quiet magnetism.

The penetrating gaze of a Scorpio can catch you from across the room, and it’s a highly concentrated energy that can be expelled your way if Scorpio so chooses. However this sign has a tendency to live up to their mysterious reputation, so it’s only the chosen few that make it into their trusted circle. Indeed, this is a fiercely loyal sign, perhaps the closest ally you can have.


Sun In Scorpio – Veronica Lake, Jean Shrimpton And Julia Roberts

Even if the Scorpion you know if outgoing and buoyant, they’ll still embody the key Scorpionic trait of privacy. Indeed they may appear open, sociable and as if they have nothing to hide but the deeper you delve, the more you realise the Scorpio’s closet is full of skeletons…

Scorpio Beauty Style


Sun In Scorpio – Alexa Chung, Maggie Gyllenhaal And Chloë Sevigny…

Scorpio beauty works well with dark eye make-up.

Smoky, smudged liner in the darkest shade of back works well, or a slick of severe liner; messy or neat, both suit the Scorp. Likewise their hair can be slick and poker straight, or slightly disheveled. This sign can absolutely do the ‘just got out of bed look’…


The Scorpio Look Summarised

Of course it’s impossible to generalise and some people will have far more Scorpio in them than others, however the classic Scorpio look can be compared to the Scorp-ruled creature, the eagle.

Strong-bodied, these people usually have a solid, almost ‘tough’ countenance, appearing almost muscular or sturdy.

Like the eagle, they may have hooded eyes and a slightly hooked appearance to the nose.

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