5 Ways To Introduce Samhain Rituals For Beauty…

Beautiful Rituals For The Pagan New Year...

In late October and early November, witches, Wiccans and pagans around the world celebrate Samhain, the third and final harvest and the onset of winter.

Samhain is typically celebrated from sunset on October 31 to sunset November 1, approximately halfway through Scorpio Season.

Some consider it the new year and the end of the harvest season.

So, what are the rituals you can partake in?

Halloween Rituals For Beauty…

5 Ideas To Bring You Into Alignment With The Season

1. Transform! Be In Disguise…

This is the holiday when the “veil between worlds” is considered to be at its thinnest, the distinction between life and death diminishes.

Restless, trickster spirits can make contact with this world more easily, and many traditions we associate with Halloween, like dressing up and carving Jack-o’-lanterns, evolved as ways to deal with this.

2. Remember The Dead, Ancestor Worship…

Since Samhain is when the spirits of the dead cross over and the veil between worlds is thin, many people choose to use this time to communicate or remember the dead.

Because the veil is thin, it’s an incredible time to honour your ancestors and remember those who have passed.

Bring out their lipstick, fragrance or something memorable

Open a a western-facing door or window, and place a candle by the opening, so the departed souls who have left the afterworld can find their way to you.

Create an altar with an offering bowl (add food, liquor or incense, even money).

For a more elaborate display, lay a white cloth down somewhere it won’t be disturbed, and decorate it with photographs or objects that belonged to those you’re remembering.

Use this area for divination, prayer and meditation, and to communicate with your departed loved ones.

3. Candle Light Is Beautiful… Plus Candle Magic!

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Candles create the most beautiful light, and so make this a time to use white or black candles.

Rituals surrounding Samhain also include bonfires, dancing, feasting and general revelry. 

Any suppers you hold will be elevated by this gentle touch!

4. Use Nature’s Spoils…

Samhain represents the end of the harvest, the end of the agricultural cycle, and the beginning of winter.

The mid-point between the autumn equinox and winter solstice, it’s a time to be grateful for all things gathered or foraged, particularly the last round of root vegetables: pumpkins, turnips, apples and gourds.

Carve them with ghoulish faces and bob for apples!

Recipes can include this hearty fare from late Autumn, but also your beauty!

via apivita.com, Face Mask For Revitalisation…

Pomegranates are the fruit of the Underworld and death. Use them in your face-masks and products…

Channel Scorpio beauty signatures, using berry and black!

5. Clean, Clear, Release!

Since Samhain is a holiday celebrating the end of a chapter, clean and sweep away what’s passed – have a good clean!

Use a witches broom and focus on corners where energy can stagnate, as well as your beauty bag or bathroom.

What is your favourite ritual to perform on Halloween? Let me know via Instagram!

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