Beauty Mark: See The Celebrities With Venus Rising…

See The Stars Boasting Venus On Their Ascendant! Beauty First!

One of the most attractive astrological placements, discover the celebrities with Venus Rising…

Venus Rising…

An Astrological Significator Of Beauty, Charm And Grace!

Generally speaking, to have Venus in the first house suggests charm, grace and, in many cases, physical attractiveness and like-ability.

These people tend to have an even, refined nature, balanced in looks and personality – rather than extreme or abrasive. They will use their looks as a statement, but not in an offensive way.

They usually have evenly balanced facial features, a sweetness to the face. They can be very beautiful, or have an air that makes them come across as such.

They can be drawn towards the beauty, fashion or music industry, or work in the arts with great success.

However on the negative side of the coin, those with Venus Rising could be noticed only for their good looks, or work in the beauty arena.

Celebrities With Venus Conjunct The Ascendant (Within 5º, 12th and 1st House)

  • Anna Nicole Smith (16º Libra Rising, Venus 19º)
  • Angelina Jolie (28º Cancer Rising, Venus 28º)
  • Beyoncé (20º Libra Rising, Venus 20º)
  • Cameron Diaz (22º Cancer Rising, Venus 21º)
  • Charlize Theron (15º Virgo Rising, Venus 11º)
  • Claudia Cardinale (8º Taurus Rising, Venus 11º)
  • Emmanuelle Béart (14º Leo Rising, Venus 16º)
  • Helen Mirren (21º Gemini Rising, Venus 19º)
  • Keke Palmer (25º03′ Cancer Rising, Venus 28º26′)
  • Linda McCartney (8º Scorpio Rising, Venus 11º)
  • Rihanna (15º Aries Rising, Venus 12º)
  • Sandra Bullock (26º Gemini Rising, Venus 24º)
  • Selena Gomez (8º Leo Rising, Venus 10º)
  • Sinéad O’Connor (8º Sagittarius Rising, Venus 10º)

Celebrities With Venus In The First House And In Sign

Celebrities With Venus In The First House, In A Different Sign (Placidus House System)

  • Audrey Hepburn (28º Aquarius Rising, Venus in Aries 22º)
  • Billie Holiday (2º Aquarius Rising, Venus in Pisces 6º)
  • Blake Lively (15º Leo Rising, Venus in Virgo 2º)
  • Katy Perry (10º Scorpio Rising, Venus in Sagittarius 6º)
  • Vanessa Paradis (17º Scorpio Rising, Venus in Sagittarius 4º)
  • Zooey Deschanel (24º Capricorn Rising, Venus in Pisces 1º)

Celebrities With Venus In The Twelfth House, In A Different Sign (Placidus House System)

  • Bella Hadid (10º37′ Virgo Rising, Venus in Virgo 6º03′)
  • Grace Kelley (4º Scorpio Rising, Venus in Libra 28º)

Celebrities With Venus Rising

Rihanna, Venus Rising in Aries…

Rihanna, Venus Rising In Aries, via Flickr

Sophie Turner, Venus Rising in Aries…

via Flickr

Claudia Cardinale, Venus Rising in Taurus…

Sandra Bullock, Venus Rising in Gemini…

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via Flickr

Helen Mirren, Venus Rising in Gemini…

Keke Palmer, Venus Rising in Cancer…

Angelina Jolie, Venus Rising in Cancer

Emmanuelle Béart, Venus Rising in Leo…

Selena Gomez, Venus Rising in Leo…

Blake Lively, Venus (in Virgo) Rising in Leo,

Charlize Theron, Venus Rising in Virgo…

Beyoncé, Venus Rising in Libra…

Anna Nicole Smith, Venus Rising in Libra…

Sinead O’Connor, Venus Rising in Sagittarius…

Zooey Deschanel, (Pisces) Venus Rising in Capricorn,

via Flickr

Audrey Hepburn, (Aries) Venus Rising in Aquarius,

Kourtney Kardashian, Venus Rising in Pisces…

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