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The Full Moon And Sleepless Nights… Tips For Seamless Slumbers!


My Top Tips For Seamless Slumbers!

I can’t lie – I love sleep and adore my bed.

I just came across this article, which attributes lots of nasty conditions to sleep deprivation – including dementia. I knew I was on the right track getting my full eight hours – and then some!

Sleep aids our ability to make new memories and learn, and according to the BBC, beauty sleep isn’t such a myth after all

Some tell-tale signs of people lacking sleep…

  • Dark Circles
  • Puffy Eyes
  • Lines and Wrinkles
  • General Lackluster Attitude and Tiredness
  • Pronounced Blood Vessels Around The Eyes!!

Meh! Not my bag bebe.

But what about mother moon? Has she got our back?!

Turns out no. Thought of as an emotional time of the month, the full moon has been proven to interrupt sleep. Looks like Luna hasn’t got our best beauty interests at heart!

In 2013, scientists in Switzerland presented evidence that showed sleep structure can be modulated by lunar rhythms. Lead scientist Professor Cajochen said: “The lunar cycle seems to influence human sleep, even when one does not ‘see’ the Moon and is not aware of the actual moon phase.”

So, if you’re one of those who finds it hard to get good rest when the moon is bright and full you’re not alone.

There’s a correlation between the moons phases and sleep quality. Regardless of light conditions, around the full moon phase ‘deep sleep’ decreased by 30%, and the time it took to fall asleep increased by five minutes. Total sleep was 20 minutes less.

So even if the moon isn’t beaming brightly though your window you still might be restless – this supports the notion in astrology that people are more open, awake, activated and chatty on a full moon. Time for a full moon party perhaps! But on a school night, ensure you get up on the right side of the bed with these helpful hints!

My Top Tips For Full Moon Moments…


1. Apply Aromatherapy Oils

Instantly comforting, scented oils can have a soothing effect, sending us to the land of nod.

Lavender and chamomile are the traditional choices for relaxation but consider rose, vetiver, ylang ylang, bergamot and frankincense too.

Add to a bath, diffuser or directly onto your pillow.

2. Go Heavy On The Lids

Though the light of the moon won’t necessarily keep you up all night it is good to increase the dark, and block out distractions for good shut-eye.

A cherished eye mask can have so many positive repercussions, and if you buy one that’s heavy in density it can have an incredibly soothing effect on the eyes.

Go lightly like Holly and invest in a pretty one that will last many a moon…

3. Music And Moonlight

Nat King Cole sang it best: There may be trouble ahead… Don’t create strife for your skin, use moonlight and music to put your best face on display any day.

I recommend a soothing compilation of meditative sounds or a guided meditation if you’ve something on your mind that needs to shift before you sleep…

4. Before Bed, Moisturise

Fancy marketing terms will try and sell you on special night creams, heavier in consistency but essentially you need a reliable moisturising product to see you through your slumbers.

It’s vital to apply moisturiser as the dermis has better absorbency at night, so make the most of your expensive lotions. It’s also possible that the peak of the lunar cycle increases absorbency too, yet this might be an old wives tale.

I love LUNA from Sunday Riley…

And Exfoliate!

Sleep with a clear conscience, knowing you’re laying a clean head on your pillow.

It’s best to remove dead skin cells at the days end because the shedding process happens more quickly during the twilight hours. T so  gets mighty confused if its

Plus moisturiser is more easily absorbed when we’ve removed dead skin cells, leaving a fresh palette.

We can’t just rely on night serums and a decent moisturiser to put the spring back in our step and the bounce in our dermis.

5. Plan An Early Night…

Yes, you could indulge in a full moon party or go moon-gazing on a rooftop bar. Or even go on a moon-hike. But why not set an alarm and read a book to tire yourself out?

Tuck yourselves in nice and prompt – but don’t be too early, you’ll wake up again!

Set an alarm to remind yourself it’s time for bed and turn off the telly.

Here’s wishing you sweet dreams and Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars

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