Learn About The Magnificent Moon In Astrology…

The most mysterious, changeable satellite we see, mother Moon!

The Moon In Space…

The Moon In Astrology – It’s What You Need…

The Moon reflects the light of the Sun and is super mysterious; it controls the tides on earth and is linked to breeding cycles (from menstruation to the salmon in our streams).

Our Moon Sign is our internal nature and how we deal with the emotional landscape.

It’s our personality once people are in our circle of trust, once they’ve gotten to know us, it’s our everyday behaviour at home or at work.

The Moon represents our emotional temperament and our feelings. The zodiac signs resonates with what emotionally feed us.

Ever present and powerful we notice its constant changing in the night sky, as we gaze up and behold it with wonder.

But what can the ancient moon tell us in terms of astrology? What does the earth’s only satellite reveal about our character and why? What’s its meaning in our birth chart in an astrological sense and why is it important?!

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The Moon In Astrology And Your ‘Moon Sign’

The marvellous Moon represents many things in astrology – from family and our mother, and our attitudes towards them, plus our emotions, how we nurture and feed ourselves and so much more.

Our moon sign points towards our internal and inward gazing energy…

What A Girl Wants, What A Girl Needs…

Put simply, the Sun is what we want – what is lit up brightly by our life’s philosophies and where we’re heading on our journey.

The Moon?

It’s what we need. Interesting dynamics occur when your philosophy (guided by the Sun sign) is remarkably different to your underlying needs (moon sign).

The moon reflects the sun’s light, and our moon sign is responsible for our ‘other’, more hidden side – our guiding night forces… Aside from the overarching themes of our lives, our brightly shining principles that we carry proudly about our being (our Sun), the moon sign is our emotional temperament and day to day behaviour.

Moon signs points to our personality ‘within the circle of trust’. It’s who we really our to our friends, our family and loved ones – even our close work colleagues. It’s the behaviour we exhibit when we’re relaxed and not ‘on show’ to the world. It’s our character at home. 

Cancer’s Ruler…

Each constellation is ‘ruled’ by a heavenly body, which astrologers called planets.

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The Moon – undeniably mystical and magical, and the celestial influence that bears strongest on Cancer.


Mama Mia – The moon is feminine energy and feelings, in particular, the way we feel about our mother – it may even represent her, literally! Your moon sign might be very connected to your mum’s Sun sign or another interesting pattern in synastry. Perhaps we felt her energy in the womb, and that’s why we arrived on a lunar day to suit… Perhaps when we perceived her as a baby it set the tone for our internal attitudes, and born out of our early relationship with mum came instinctive ways of behaving, our default setting. The moon can even point to factors relating to ancestry…

Home On The Range – Not surprising that the moon in our natal chart can indicate how we react to home, how we like to nest and relax, how we like to feed and nurture ourselves and others. People with moon signs that match might eat together incredibly harmoniously – Gemini is renowned for a love of finger foods while Aries loves a BBQ!

Family Matters – The moon in our chart shows us how we react to family too… If moon is sitting with Saturn it could indicate a serious approach to family – Uranus? A rebellious streak or perhaps someone that breaks away from family.

How To Spot The Moon…

You’ll notice someone’s moon sign shining brightly when they’re operating at home – cooking in the kitchen or simply with you relaxing on their break at work.

Collect the birth details of your friends and family then watch how they work and play – see if you can spot their Star Sign Style in action!

From our perspective here on earth, each constellation of stars forms a backdrop to the moon, so it would appear that “the Moon is in the constellation of Aries” when we look up to the night sky.

Our Moon Sign is equally, if not more important than our Sun Sign or Star Sign. You can liken your Moon sign pretty directly to the characteristics of the zodiac signs. So, if you’re a Libra but have always thought that Gemini sounded more ‘you’, perhaps it’s your Moon Sign in play.

Select the sign that matches the moon’s position when you were born, below.

Moon Signs

Select your Moon Sign to read more about your stellar style!

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