A Yoga Sequence For Libra Season…

The Pose To Practice This Month? The Dancer!

Air sign Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, and is governed by planet Venus.

This is the astrological sign most aligned with relationships, social interests and fighting for fairness for all.

As such you’ll often find Libra in the industries and occupations concerned with justice, the law and legalities, politics and marriage counsel, but also beauty (interior design, make-up and artistry, architecture and creating beautiful spaces). See all the posts on Libra, here.

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Libra is the sign of the scales, and its correlation with the body – the astrological parts of the body ruled by Libra – are the hips.

This is a sign of balance, so the ideal pose focuses on gaining poise.

Yoga For Libra

To resonate with Libra, try the Dancer.

This pose cultivates strength in the lower back. In true Libra style focus your mantra and meditation on the beauty of giving and receiving..

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