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My Top 5 Things To Do During Leo Season!

Get Creative During The Sun's Time Touring The Leo Constellation....

There’s a reason for each and every season, but what to during the lion’s reign? Discover my Top 5 Things To Do During Leo Season, with cosmic inspiration!

1. Visit An Art Gallery, Movie Theatre or See A Show!

Leo governs places – and people – of entertainment, and so movie theatres (introduced during Neptune’s tour of Leo) are ideal

This exhibit at The Whitney is totally Leo Season approved, with bold, saturated colours, drama and visual force.

2. Build A Campfire – Or BBQ…

OK, obviously there are health and safety issues, not to mention rules and regulations around where you can light a fire etc. etc.

However the point is, Leo is a fixed fire sign, and as such it’s a wonderful time to meditate with flickering flames, and candlelight! Since Leo Season runs from the end of July and into August, many people in the northern hemisphere will be able to indulge in this summer-time activity!

3. Go To The Beach – And The Fun Fair!

A zodiac sign of light, fun, and playfulness and childlike wonder, Leo can indulge all the fun of the fair. This is especially apt now that Jupiter is touring larger-than-life Sagittarius, which has a resonance with the Big Top, Circus-like atmospheres and exaggerated colourscapes found at fairs, piers, and touring shows!

4. Make It All About You…

The sign of magnanimous touches, a bit of bling and glitz and glamour, Leo is the sign most suited to steering attention their way.

Show-stopping looks totally scream Leo, so it’s good to go boldly into a salon or store to indulge in a makeover or beauty treat. What’s more, Venus is travelling with the sun, making an extra fortuitous time to lavish that sense of beauty and luxury on self and others.

5. Get Creative!

Sign of passion, creativity and artistic expression, Leo Season is a time to put pen to paper, brush to pad, or spray paint can to the wall! Whatever takes your fancy, just be sure to soak up the light of the Leo Sun for a moment or two before using up any precious paints or canvasses. 

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