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Gemini, Libra & Aquarius – The Awesome Air Signs…


Gemini, Libra And Aquarius

The zodiac is divided into four elements, with three signs adopted by each. Gemini, Libra and Aquariu are the air signs, read on to discover their common characteristics…


Before you race off to read more about yourself Stargazer, consider something important – you are not simply your Sun sign.

That’s right astro lover, you’re a combination of planetary placements, consider your Moon, Venus and all your star signs before you settle on an element.

When an astrologer looks at a birth chart they’ll sometimes notice a significant, strong or predominant element in the chart, or they’ll take the dominant element based on the personal planets, the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury, plus the ascendant and midheaven.

Read the Astrology Article: How Do I Work Out My Birth Chart to find out your predominant element,

If you’ve got a lot of air  (in your chart – not a gas issue, of course,) read on…

The Good

People born with a lot of air in their chart connect and communicate with ease. Air is the most social element, with the ability to take an ‘aerial view’. These people can keep things in perspective, have an even temperament and are rational and objective.


Get Blown Away By The Air Signs…

The air signs are particularly civilised and mental beings, with an ability to conceptualise ideas.

The Bad

People with a lot of air in their charts can be scattered, indecisive, floating out of the realms of the ‘real world’ like a balloon high in the sky.

They can live in their heads too much, limiting themselves to theories, principles and their mental nature.

They’re not practical, like earth, or particularly feeling like water or even the ones with faith and self belief, like fire…

Give Me Air To Breathe… 

Air is everywhere, filling empty space and seats at gatherings. Air IS societies, civilisations and the masses. Speech is dependent on air as it passes out of our lungs, travelling through the air on sound waves… Air IS communication and Air Mail!

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