You’re Not Just Your Sun Sign!


Your Quick Guide To Astrology…

“There Simply Has To Be More To It Than The Sun!” She Thought.

“Oh But There Is…” Said The Moon…

That’s right Stargazer, you’re not just your Sun sign.

You’re a unique combination of your star sign – or your Sun sign, Moon, Venus and Rising Sign – and many, many more factors still!

It’s this individual blend that helps define your fashion and beauty style, and they way you work, love and live.

It’s can get ever so complicated but in brief:

sun-astrologyYour Sun Sign

This is the sign you’ll be most familiar with. It’s your go-to sign for horoscopes in magazines and newspapers and is calculated by the Sun’s steady transit through the constellations. Your star sign will resonate because it’s your philosophy – it’s the brightest star in the sky so the traits will burn brightly in you too!

moonYour Moon Sign

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Your Moon sign is the side of you that your family know. It’s your style in the circle of trust, among friends and your closest work colleagues. The zodiac constellation of your Moon sign speaks about the way you feel nurtured and secure. You might be an adventurous Sagittarius Sun but love the sanctity of home because you’re a ‘Moon in Cancer’ chick.

venus-in-astrologyYour Venus Sign

Your Venus sign shows how you flirt, dress up, how you interact with men (if you’re a woman) – it’s your romantic style and how you pursue love. It can even show how you interact with friends. For men, it can be the type of woman you’re attracted to.

Your Rising Sign

Your rising sign is the zodiac constellation that was rising in the Eastern Hemisphere when you were born, so birth time is an all important factor in astrology. Your rising sign shows how you greet the world – and greet people! It speaks of the version of you people meet first, it can be the first impression you give or the style you adopt in your approach to life. You can look more like your rising sign than your star sign…

Star Sign Style is dedicated to helping you find fashion and beauty inspiration through the zodiac signs in their purest form.

Through my study of astrology, fashion and beauty I’ve concluded that we draw on many different influences – some people really dress for their moon, others will really look like their rising sign and some will stay true to their Sun or Venus sign.

Have fun exploring the archetypes of the zodiac, select a sign below and…

Discover Your Star Sign Style!

Your Zodiac Style Guide – Select A Sign To Get Started…

aries-glyph taurus-glyph gemini-glyph


Ardent, Assertive & Amazing…


Tantalising & Tenacious…


Gorgeous & Gregarious…

aries-anna-dello-russo taurus-texture gemini-style


cancer-glyph leo-glyph virgo-glyph


Chic & Considerate…


Luscious & Loud…


Veracious & Virtuous…

cancer-style-icons leo-models-k astrology-health-virgo


libra-glyph scorpio-glyph sagittarius-glyph


Laid-Back & Lovely…


Sultry, strong and sexy…


Stunning, Stand-Out & stellar…

libra-shopping-style scorpio-jewellery sagittarius-colour


capricorn-glyph aquarius-glyph pisces-glyph


Conservative & Classic…


Awesome & Audacious…


Pretty & Precious…

capricorn-style-icons aquarius-bikini pisces-colours
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