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Discover & Celebrate Your Beauty Birthday!


When Venus Returns…

Once a year* Venus meets your natal Venus as the planet of beauty makes her way around the zodiac.

What does this mean?

You get to celebrate a Beauty Birthday!

Just as you have a zodiac sign, you have a moon sign, Mercury sign, Mars sign, Venus sign and many more, based on the position of the planets at birth. Read more about the planets in astrology and what they mean, here.

At some point during every year (for about one or two days), planet Venus is in the exact position she was when you were born.

When Venus Meets Venus ‘Venus Conjunct Venus’

You can be happy!

Indulge your senses, surround yourself with friends and notice how you attract likeminded people.

You might be drawn to luxury and will no doubt have an eye for beauty, aesthetics and all that is gorgeous.

Perhaps visit an art gallery on your beauty birthday, partake in artistic activities or even splurge in the shops – it’s a good day to go shopping.

Get involved in beauty, perhaps a makeover. Your interactions could be particularly pleasant and you could also make a lovely impression on people.

Other things that could go well are love and money!

Tell me Star Sign Style – how can I discover my Beauty Birthday?!

Simply go to and enter your birth data, reveal the chart and see the position and degree of Venus. Click ‘with transits’ and you’ll see where Venus is now.

Go to to guide the planets back and forth, calculating the exact position of Venus.


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