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Autumn Is Coming! 5 Ways To Honour Lammas In Your Beauty Rituals…

Beautiful Rituals To Put You In Touch With The Season!

Fields Of Gold… Lammas Beauty Inspo via Jacquemus…

In 2022, Lammas is Monday, August 1st (in the Northern Hemisphere).

Traditionally celebrated on the first day of August, Lammas is the first harvest festival of the year and marks the onset of the annual gathering of wheat.

It is the cross quarter sabbath or holiday between Midsummer and Autumn Equinox.

A honouring of the Sun, it’s a time when the first grains are harvested, trees begin to drop their fruit, and foods of the land are coming into season.

There’s a ripening underway now, in the heat of summer and Leo Season

So what can we do to mark the moment?

Beautiful Lammas Rituals…

1. Relax In The Heat…

The most important thing to do at this time is languish in the hazy days of summer, appreciating a moment to feast with friends.

August 1st is a hot and heady time – and before the true toil of harvest time, historically speaking. Ripe spoils is easily gathered, with the first fruits available. 

With such fierce fiery skies it’s important to protect your skin! 

Be beautifully bronzed and get a golden glow…

However, know you don’t need to sit baking in the sun to get the desired effect, with so many fabulous compacts and self-tan available to give you a sun kissed look (although we all need Vitamin D, too!)

Celebrate the with a sunny addition to your beauty bag – a bronzer or tanning product…

Wear sunscreen, and add bronzer rather than burn…

2. Use Seasonal Beauty Ingredients…

  • Wheat, Barely, Oats, and Rye – create a gentle body scrub or soothing face mask

Oat Face Mask From Aveeno

  • Sunflower, Calendula, Rose, Sandalwood, Ginseng, Aloe, 
  • Venugreat, Heather, Frankinscence, Oak & Verbain, Gorse, Hazel
  • Sage, Mint, Sunflower.

3. Reflect On The Upcoming Abundance Of Fall!

We are moving further into the darkness, however this is a time to appreciate where hard work has led us; take time to

  • Reap what has been sown throughout the past few months, and
  • Recognise and acknowledge that the bright summer days will soon come to an end (sad face).

Sit in nature awhile…

4. Wear Flowers…

Sunflowers At Shein

Flowers are nature’s gift to us, and at all times of the year we can utilize beautiful blooms.

However, on special occasions it’s even more significant to wear these little gifts from nature, the symbols of summer.

In rituals of yesteryear, women would climb to the highest point of their nearest hill and bury flowers as a sign that summer was ending.

In other places, the first sheaf of the harvest was buried – consider adding an ear of corn or sheaf of wheat to your alter.

You might even use the motif of wheat in your fashion!

5. Adopt The Colors Of Lammas!

  • Golds, Browns, Yellows
  • Bold Reds…

The lucky color for Leo and the one most linked to the sun is gorgeous gold!

Yves Saint Laurent Gold Hair Buns…

Adorn hair with an accessory that brings out the best of summer…

Adorn yourself with earrings that celebrate the sun…

Burnt orange and ochre are ideal Leo colours…Brighter tones, too!

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