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Get To Know Your Zodiac Signs Shopping Style

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Is it possible that astrology drives our habits in and out of the stores?

Next time you’re shopping with pals make a mental note of their star sign, and see if these stellar observations ring true…

Way off?

Find out your favourite friend’s moon sign, their Venus sign and more for the bigger picture and their true Star Sign Style…

The Aries Shopping Style


How to spot an amazing Aries when she’s shopping?

She’s the loud one by the till, tapping her credit card. This babe’s got stores to conquer and the assistant’s too slow! Get out of her way during the SALES ladies – your Aries friend is ready for action and will pip you to the post! Elbows out.

Also an impulse shopper…

The Taurus Shopping Style


How to spot a true Taurus when she’s shopping?

She’s in the top department store swinging by the delicatessen for a sample and sweet treat to delight in on her way round the shops. She’s feeling the fabrics and turning her nose towards the finest finds – it’s totally attuned to them, naturally.

Her favourite area might be by the cold creams in beauty, for this Venus ruled sign loves precious products, fine fragrances and velvety soft skin treats…

The Gemini Shopping Style


How to spot a Gemini when she’s shopping?

Clue: she’s flitting in and out of the shops, mobile phone propped permanently under her chin while checking out the latest fashions. Or she’s the one chatting ten to the dozen in the changing rooms, back and forth with fun pieces for her friend to add to an outfit!

A magpie, and perfect shopping partner.

The Cancer Shopping Style


Cancer takes a nostalgia trip – rather than a shopping trip – down memory lane via their wardrobe, for her clothes are entrenched in history. Reluctant to clear out the cupboards, they’ve long-forgotten treasures to rediscover! No need for new.

They like to feel their way around a shop and fresh purchases will have to tick a box emotionally for them to shell out.

The Leo Shopping Style


Pass the platinum card dahling – Leo’s arrived!

It’s easy to spot an Leo shopping, she’s usually got an entourage, or she’ll be posing in front of one of the many mirrors that make being in stores such a challenge – admiring glances are everywhere (even if they are from a familiar face!)

FYI, she’s seeking a statement piece to DAZZLE…

The Virgo Shopping Style


How to spot a Virgo-born lass when she’s shopping?

She’s the one checking the dress she wants for sloppy stitching and dangling stray threads – oh her critical eye! She’s a stickler for perfection, see. You might also spot her in the heath food aisle, perusing the labels for high vitamin content or quizzing the assistant on the best quality quinoa!

The Libra Shopping Style


A procrastinator extraordinaire, the Libra lady is likely to be pacing and deliberating in the department store, “Do I? Don’t I?” Just buy the bag already! Thankfully she’ll be the most diplomatic customer to return if she decides her buy wasn’t right.

Style of shopping that’s best? Window shopping!

The Scorpio Shopping Style


Self-assured Scorpio knows her style instinctively; she rarely makes a fashion faux pas. You’re likely never to spot her shopping as she’s super discreet, and wants to keep her haunts secret! But wait, isn’t that her slinking out of the top lingerie shop in town?!

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…

The Sagittarius Shopping Style


How to spot a Sagittarius when she’s shopping?

Why she’s booking a last minute getaway in her local travel agents! Or she’s flying in and out of the stores, hotfooting it around town at lightening speed. Just don’t let Sag play advisor in the dressing room – she’s bound to put her foot in it if asked for an honest opinion…

The Capricorn Shopping Style


How to spot a cool Capricorn shopping?

This sign will be counting out hard earned cash over the counter, it’s a sign that tends to shop when they can afford it, as they really know the value of their pennies. She’ll spend on practical pieces that will last all season, and maybe for a few years yet…

The Aquarius Shopping Style


How to spot the Aquarius chick shopping?

You won’t – she’ll be discovering the hottest trends somewhere new and obscure. Don’t worry, you’ll hear about it one of these days, when it’s mainstream! Aquarius chicks are totally unique and will want something a little bit different, and they’ll always find it, too…

The Pisces Shopping Style


Pisces people uses their intuition when shopping.

She’ll stumble across a buzzing market that’s full of artistic and interesting buys and you can bet that Pisces will find a bargain to boot – instinctively! This sign will often find herself shopping in stores with the most heavenly spa treats – if a Pisces recommends a bath-time treat make sure you follow up, as she’s a total expert…

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