Sagittarius Jewelry Style – Adornments For The Archer…

The best jewellery for those born under the Sagittarius sign!


Your Sagittarius friend will adore jewelry from your travels, or bought somewhere exotic.

This is the Zodiac’s true gypsy, and as such has a truly eclectic, bohemian vibe but also loves bold touches on her person. Arrows are the signature symbol for this optimistic sign – but remember! If you’re buying a bow and arrow or arrow necklace for Sagittarius be sure to have it pointing upwards, to reflect the abundant, jubilant side of this positive sign.

So often I see jewellery with arrows pointing down, which doesn’t have quite the same sense of faith…

Select something appropriate or use the following as inspiration…

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The Sagittarius Crystal – Blue Topaz

The word ‘Topaz’ is believed to have originated in the Sanskrit word for fire, ‘tapas’, so for Sagittarius, Blue Topaz is a choice gemstone.


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Not only is the sentiment perfect for a fire sign but Sagittarius also suits blues and purples – they’re their best shades!

However, the blue colour comes from a treatment – the stones actually come out of the earth white.

Sagittarius also suits: Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, Turquoise, Blue Topaz, Citrine and Ruby.

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