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How charming! Share the astrological jewellery from Thomas Sabo…


The ‘Birthday’ Charm Club collection from Thomas Sabo features twelve astrological trinkets, that are so much prettier in real life than shown online.

I can only urge you to take a look in store if you’re scouting for an astrology piece for a fan of their jewellery!

They’ve also got gemstones by birth month that make up the zodiac collection the but the astrological symbols as charms really are the best!

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All pendants are made from 925 sterling silver, priced at $59.00 USD.

Available at

Thomas Sabo Zodiac Charms

aries  taurus  gemini  cancer  leo  virgo  libra  scorpio  sagittarius  capricorn  aquarius  pisces

Aries The Ram ☆ Taurus The Bull ☆ Gemini The Twins ☆ Cancer The Crab ☆ Leo The Lion ☆ Virgo The Maiden ☆ Libra The Scales ☆ Scorpio The Scorpion ☆ Sagittarius The Archer ☆ Capricorn The Goat ☆ Aquarius The Water Bearer ☆ Pisces The Fish ☆

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