Check Out These Louis Vuitton Zodiac Earrings!


Zodiac Earrings By Louis Vuitton

The new Fortune Collection from Louis Vuitton features fabulous interpretations of the twelve zodiac signs, and is available from November 2015.

The latest flight of fancy from the French fashion house features miniature, graphic horoscope designs sculpted into

The horoscope has been crafted into cosmic earrings, frequently boasting the classic Louis Vuitton ‘V’, a signature of the fashion house in the design.

The twelve gold earrings are priced at $430 USD / £245.00 for a single earring.

Talk about trendy!

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louis-vuitton-aries-fortune-earring louis-vuitton-taurus-fortune-earring louis-vuitton-gemini-fortune-earring
louis-vuitton-cancer-fortune-earring louis-vuitton-leo-fortune-earring-fashion-jewellery--M68137_PM2_Front view louis-vuitton-virgo-fortune-earring
louis-vuitton-libra-fortune-earring louis-vuitton-scorpio-fortune-earring louis-vuitton-sagittarius-fortune-earring
louis-vuitton-capricorn-fortune-earring louis-vuitton-aquarius-fortune-earring louis-vuitton-pisces-fortune-earring

You can see from the natal chart for Louis Vuitton below that the fashion designer has both Sun and Mercury in the lion’s sign – Leo. Together in the first house they take a prominent position in the chart but as a Cancer Rising star the moon matters too. See all the Leo Fashion Designers, here.

Moon in Libra is a lovely placement for a fashion-conscious fella, as the sign of the scales rules over everything that looks good! Venus in Virgo is auspicious too for a designer, with an exacting love of precision and getting aesthetics just so…

A grand trine can be seen in the chart between Jupiter and Saturn in Aries, Venus in the early degrees of Virgo and a conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius and Capricorn respectively. Neptune in the sixth house is a lovely placement for artistic work day to day and the flow of energy between these three aspects has really been worked to its best advantage!

I love the Jupiter trine Virgo, and the pairing in Leo too…

Louis Vuitton Astrology Chart

Leo Louis Vuitton Astrology Birth Chart

Louis Vuitton, born 4th August 1821, 3.00 am in Anchay, France…

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