All About The Crystal Comb Collection From Crown Works…

The Crystal Comb Collection…

  • Black obsidian transmutes negativity,
  • Clear quartz is associated with your crown chakra and thought to amplify your intentions,
  • Rose quartz is the heart stone that’s iconic of love
  • Amethyst is tapped for wisdom

Amethyst Luxe Crystal Comb

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Black Obsidian Crystal Comb


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Clear Quartz Crystal Comb

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Rose Quartz Crystal Comb


Galaxite Luxe Comb

:: OUT OF THIS WORLD :: . Meet GALAXITE, the newest offering in the CrystalComb collection! . Known as the Light Bringer’s stone, #Galaxite is a micro-labradorite, filled with tiny universes of luminescence. . This stone holds highly concentrated protective properties, offering balance and clearing of the auric field & energetic body, and opens and amplifies access to and between realms. . This beauty was created for weaving in more closely the #beautyritual as a #spritualpractice, available first exclusively at the #SpiritWeaversGathering, and online mid June! Come see me there for a #ritualhaircut and/or guided #CrystalCombout practice! . Want to seriously up your #bedtimeritual and explore lucid dreaming and astral travel?? Use this stone to turn your nighttime comb out into a powerful intention-setting / portal-opening process! 👽💕💫 . . CORE QUALITIES: Auric cleansing, astral travel, intuitive expansion, accessing higher guidance. . KEY AFFIRMATION: My field is cleared and protected. I am open to receive guidance from the highest realms. . . . DM me if you’d like to reserve one for pick up at #SpiritWeavers. All remaining inventory will be released post gathering. . . photo by @angelvprado . . #crownworks #crystalcomb #lightbringersstone #microlabradorite #pyschicprotection #intuitive #sacredtools #auracleansing #astraltravel #expand #GalaxiteCrystalComb

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