Open Up With Ostara! 5 Ways To Work Spring Equinox Into Your Beauty Rituals…

Welcome Aries Season with a sprinkle of springtime beauty – and celebrate the start of a new astrological year!

Make Like A Mad March Hare!

The Spring Equinox (a.k.a the Vernal Equinox) is upon us – it’s the beginning of the astrological calendar (hello Aries Season), a time when both day and night are equal.

Metaphorically, we’re out of the long stretch of Winter – though with so many planets lingering in Aquarius and Pisces it might not feel that way…

Still, there are practices you can employ to feel that Spring has truly sprung!

So, what can we do to align with the cosmos, celebrate, and make the most of this new start?

1. Embrace Newness, Go Fresh Faced!


Aries Queens Daisy Ridley, Emma Watson, and Kate Hudson…

Spring has awakened – and so should you!

Now OFFICIALLY Aries Season, you can honour this amazing ZodiacSign and put forward a fresh-faced, less-is-more look.

Lay claim to a Spring Reset and optimise rejuvenation – re-seeding after a long winter. This is your reminder to Begin Again!

Lily James, Sun, Moon, Mercury & Venus In Aries – See here chart here...

Aries has this energized, ardent appearance down because she’s a direct, fast and furious chick (not one for sitting around at a dressing table or lounging in the powder room). 

Embrace a light and dewy finish with MAC Face & Body, a no-nonsense coverage solution; grab a lip balm, dry hair shampoo, and you’re good to go!

It’s a time to be grateful we’re through winter, to reinvigorate, and fully engage, with a bracing feeling of fresh energy and resolve in the air…

A New Astrological Year Invites You To Set Intentions…

What are you grateful for? What do you hope the New Year brings? Set down your intent to do, act, and live well down on paper, too!

2. Spring Forwards In White!

In ancient times people worshipped Ostara or Esotre, a Goddess of radiant dawn, of up springing light.

Traditionally bonfires were lit, holy water was drawn, and ‘Maidens’ wore white, to show themselves evoking the goddess, and reminding all of the retuning of spring…

We can wear this bright, light colour too, reminding us of purity, newness and optimism!

3. Brush Up For Easter…

Most of us get a public holiday or two around Easter, which falls the Sunday after the first Full Moon on or following equinox (the Libra Full Moon).

This makes the spring equinox an ideal time to pamper and preen; why not have a celebratory bath full of spring flowers, or take extra time out, to anoint oil or moisturise all over?

Invest in a new fragrance, too…

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Nothing says “new beginnings” like a change of scent, which promises to shift perspectives, energy and your aura field.

Usher in spring with a fresh fragrance that lifts your spirits and puts a bounce in your step.

Spend time in your favourite shop, deciding what you need more of in your world – and don’t be afraid to ask for little samples!

No need to invest in a pricey bottle of perfume only to regret your choice later, be bold like Aries!

You can also introduce invigorating smells into your home with potted plants or cut flowers – a beautiful bouquet will remind you of new growth that’s possible over the next 12 months…

Put a bunch in a place that acts as an alter, maybe where you get ready in the morning so you can take time to appreciate their beauty.

Read more about astrology and fragrance, here.

4. Inhale Nature – And Take Time For A Reset…

This brings us to the next ritual for Spring Equinox, and welcoming the new season… Be in nature!

If you’re lucky enough to live near a patch of green then plant your face in the grass, roll about until you’re dizzy then look up at the clouds – or even better blue skies!

Nature speaks to our soul, which is nourishment on a par with expensive creams and lotions.

Smile and create laughter wrinkles, which will make you even more beautiful…

The Spring Equinox is the moment when the sun is directly above the equator, and creates an energy shift.

Symbolically, traditionally and mythically, spring is a time for renewal and new life, making this a natural time for a deep and powerful cleanse.

Just as our planet wakes up with colourful cherry blossoms, daffodils and birdsong, our bodies get in sync too.

As you embrace this time of year, consider a springtime detox to benefit your body, mind and soul!

Rest by not eating more than you need, and give yourself a break. Allow your digestion time to come back to itself.

Of course, our bodies are designed to eradicate toxins on a daily basis through sleep and hydration.

But with so many modern chemicals introduced into our everyday environment (potentially depleting our energy), we can assist in trying to be rid of them.

Consciously drink more fresh water and expose yourself to extra sunlight.

5. Spring Clean Bags And Brushes! And Use Pink & Green…

The spring equinox is a time of renewal and rebirth, a time to inject new life into all areas.

If your makeup’s looking tired after a hard and grueling winter spell why not celebrate new beginnings with a breath of fresh air blown through your beauty kit?


Wash your brushes with gentle soap, swirling them gently in the palm of your hand.

Allow them to dry out, with the brush end hanging over the edge of your shelf. This will see that they’re not bent out of shape and nor will you be!

Recap, Spring Equinox Beauty Rituals…

  • Go Fresh Faced – Aries season is an ideal time to work a natural look…
  • Wear White – remind yourself of brilliance, light and bring optimism and purity
  • Adopt A New Fragrance – shift your perspective with a different scent!
  • Take Time Out For You – it’s almost time for a sweet spring break (Easter), pamper and be at your best!
  • Get Back To Nature – with warmer skies it’s an inviting time to reacquaint yourself with mother nature…
  • Spring Clean – from your space to your makeup or gym bag, to under your bed, dust it off and begin anew…

See all the seasonal celebrations in the wheel of the year

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