Lovely Litha! 5 Ways To Work The Summer Solstice Into Your Beauty Rituals…

What to do on the longest day of the year!

As The Sun Shines Bright Take A Moment In The Shade…

Summer Solstice (midsummer) gives us the most amount of daylight – it is the moment the Sun appears directly over the Tropic of Cancer – when the Sun is at 0º Cancer in our astrological zodiac wheel.

In 2021 the summer solstice will occur on Monday June 21st 2021, 11.32 am Hong Kong / Monday June 21st 2021, 4.32 am BST (London), which is the longest day of the year.

Consider that there’s a lot of light available to use for our beauty rituals – a long day to make the most of! Read about the astrology of Summer Solstice, here…

Summer Solstice Rituals For Beauty…

5 Ways To Bring You Into Alignment With The Season…

Here are my top tips, suggestions for summer solstice beauty rituals…

1. Be Mindful Of The Sun… Seek Shelter & Shade!

As this is the day when the Sun is at its most prominent, we must use this gentle reminder to replenish our skincare, which can be so sensitive to the Sun’s UV rays.

The Sun now appears in the Zodiac Sign Cancer, astrologically represented by the Crab.

Just as the sensitive, crustaceous Crab boasts its tough outer shell, the sign Cancer represents the domestication and settling in of people, the need to feel rooted, safe and secure – pitch a tent or secure shelter for the night!

And of course get into that bottle of SPF!

Use sunglasses for the glare, a sunhat, parasol or umbrella and remember how strong the Sun can be…

2. Channel Cancerian Beauty…

With a sense of emotion, nostalgia and poetry, Lana Del Rey is our babe born on Solstice, along with Cancer Queen Meryl Streep.

Style hair gently, be soft in your manner and makeup.

Chris Pratt and Prince William are born on this day, too! Remember that 0º is a power degree in astrology, as the initial moment of entry.

3. Use Flower Power!

A old tradition for women is to pick seven different species of flowers during midsummer.

🌼 🌼 🌼 

In medieval times, herbs and flowers picked during the summer solstice were believed to carry extra healing energy, with sacred plants including:

  • Chamomile
  • Daisy
  • Fern
  • Ivy
  • Joan’s Wort (aka. St. John’s Wort)
  • Lavender
  • Mugwort
  • Vervain and
  • Yarrow.

Traditionally, women go to the fields and gather different kinds of wild flowers and grasses, with the folklore promising that if you slept with these under your pillow, you’d dream of your future mate.

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Don’t get too carried away though!

Remember that the night before Summer Solstice (the Eve of Mid Summer Night) the fairies are out making mischief, and the veil is thin between worlds – ideal for magic!

4. Bring The Sun Home…

Sol, the sun can be worshipped at this time, and we can remind our self of its life-giving generosity using a touch of warmth in our products.


Use those that remind you of the significance of the sun: benevolent, honest and true.

Have a luxurious bath with this Ortigia Sicilia soak. It carries the exotic fragrance of orange blossom – a feast for the senses.

With LIGHT available to us we can be present with ourselves.

We can be the most clear about our EGO, with clairty around who we are. The Sun represents the “I am” consciousness; get back in touch with your core qualities – the qualities of your spectacular SUN sign.

Solar energies are related to brightness, expansion, and success. It marks a time to celebrate!

Practice Sun Salutations…


Yoga body = happy body, happy body = beautiful body!

Show gratitude in a morning meditation on this the longest day of the year – you can’t say you don’t have time!

This is truly a time to kick back and smile – no wonder people adore a summer holiday – it’s truly time to take off!

5. Use A Midas Touch…

Yes, we love the moon but lets now honour the sun with summer SOLstice rituals – not forgetting to make them utterly BEAUTIFUL!

The lucky color for Leo and the one most linked to the sun is gorgeous gold!

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