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Top 5 Tips To Work A Pisces Makeup Style!

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Gently Does It, Pisces Teresa Palmer…


Those born under the Pisces constellation can work a truly enigmatic, magical makeup style! Take it from the stars, she’s a captivating beauty with so much soul.

What are the top beauty tips for Pisces babes?

1. Emphasise Your Ethereal, Enigmatic Eyes


Pisces Celebrities (as above): Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ashley Green, Rashida Jones, Eva Mendez, Jessica Beil, Drew Barrymore, Kate Mara, Olivia Palermo, Erin Healtherton, Brittany Snow, Dakota Fanning, Teresa Palmer, Tuppence Middleton, Ellen Page, Emily Blunt, Rachel Weisz and Rihanna.

Poetic, wistful and devastatingly dreamy, Pisces is the true artist and intuitive of the zodiac.

Incredibly captivating, she can emphasise her soft gaze with subtly sparkling shades, the colors of a babbling brook, before springtime arrives…

Pisces beauty style can work with a silvery base of light dove grey through to darker charcoal smokey liner. Lids can be adorned with steely blues, teal and ocean tones, plus pale purple, lavender and lighter blues, and gentle dustings of pink.

Pisces star Olivia Wilde goes for silver finishes across her beauty and accessories.

2. Stay Hydrated With A Wet Look

One of the mystical water signs in astrology, Pisces suits a sheer, wet-look gloss – a simple light shine on the lips – and a dewy finish to the skin.

Dewy Skin From Olivia Palermo, Pisces Starlet…

Iridescent touches are truly mesmerising on the shimmering fish; this sign looks fab with highlighter or illuminator – anything that gives them a special glow, and that luminous touch to their soft skin. Aim towards translucent touches, loose powder or liquid shine.

3. The Mermaid Effect

A highly sensitive, empathetic zodiac sign, Pisces is ruled by compassionate Neptune, god of the sea.

She can appears extra watery in her gaze, and even have a water-logged, fleshy appearance about the face. Pisces often has noticeably glassy eyes – large round teary ‘fish eyes’, pools to drown in…

Alexandra Daddario Hypnotic Eyes…

The zodiac’s seductive Siren, her eyes may reveal an emotional vulnerability that is deeply hypnotising to those she meets. 

Pisces Actress Eva Mendes…

The fluid fish can embrace her dreamy disposition with an emphasis around their soft, enigmatic gaze using dark smokey liner. Pisces Eva Mendes loves to enhance her look in this way…

4. Be A Chameleon

The twelfth sign of the zodiac, mysterious Pisces is the illusionist, a true chameleon that can go unnoticed is she wishes, slipping in and out of a crowd. As one of the ‘mutable’ group of zodiac signs, Pisces is agile, free and flexible. Her fluid beauty is such that she can adopt any look – particularly a variety of hairstyles – and look devastatingly attractive.

Pisces Singer Kesha Adds Dreamy Color…

This shapeshifting tendency transcends to their beauty and makeup style, so experimentation is totally encouraged!

Pisces Model Natalia Vodianova Brings Out Her Inner Artist…

Pisces can look like many different people, and is often mistaken in their likeness of others; sign prone to fantasy and escapism, she’ll adore a makeup style that transforms her completely!

5. Go For High Glamour

Pisces Model Cindy Crawford Rocks A Red…

Pisces is the only zodiac sign to be governed by glamorous Neptune.

The planet that oversees the arts, its influence offers a natural affinity not only with dance, poetry, music and painting, but with contemporary expressions of visual beauty – photography, film and making magic with the lens! Pisces looks beautiful in front of the camera but is equally capable taking the pictures too…

Those born under this sign can align with the more sensational side of entertainment, sporting a look that’s straight out of the silver screen. Go for a Hollywood bombshell makeup style with a velvet red pout and old school glamour.

And, add a soft lens to your selfie!

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