Hi I’m Kimberly, the driving force behind Star Sign Style.

From a young age I soaked up every drop of information I could gather on astrology, noting how people looked and behaved like their zodiac sign.

I’ve always believed astrology makes perfect sense, that the cosmos and universal influence was at work in our lives, and as an adult I’ve been lucky enough to take it further.

I wanted to demonstrate what I knew to be true about the stars in a beautiful, accessible way, so I built this website.

My aim was to bring the archetypes of the zodiac to life, to instil confidence in the individual, being uplifted by the stars…

I remember when I was young, I was told my zodiac sign [Aries] was loud, selfish and bossy.

I felt ashamed that perhaps these traits were true! But then someone dressed up those traits as ‘brave’, ‘independent’ and ‘a fearless leader’, and all of a sudden I felt better.

I was empowered to be myself because I re-framed my traits in a positive light.


I want people to recognise the good in themselves, too.

When I realised that Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga were Aries, like me, I enjoyed identifying with these women I so admired – strong, independent, feisty! I shared their Aries traits, and I had faith that I could harness my character for good, showing up as my best self.

It’s not only self-confidence we can achieve by knowing ourselves better – we can make a good impression, too. I find visual similarities all the time between the stars and their stars!

A fan of beauty, fashion and dress, I adore exploring the aesthetics of the zodiac through our modern day heroes – celebrities who show similarities to our own friends and family.

And, after all, wouldn’t you love to hear that you have the same vibe as cool Capricorn Kate Moss?! Or are just as sweet as Selena Gomez?

My personal philosophy?

Our natal chart or birth chart is a wonderful guide to the potential we can fulfil in this lifetime, a map of the unique blend of energy we can offer the world – lets make it great!

Each of us is born with bags of personality at our disposal, and through astrology we can discover our true character, and how best to use it.

I want people to love and value themselves and others, appreciating their innate talents and beauty – I hope that Star Sign Style inspires, delights and leads the way, demonstrating a divine order to admire.

Oftentimes our own sense of self can be difficult to express – it can get lost as we try to mould ourselves, people pleasing on our human journey.

Today, we’re influenced by celebrities, who get star treatment, adorned with the finest fashions, which ideally helps them show up in their most authentic light.

It’s possible to be inspired by our modern day heroes, emulating their positive qualities and style choices on our debut days. Why not invest in the key pieces (instead of buying into passing trends) that suit us – inside and out?

Reclaim your uniqueness, and honour your true sense of style and self.

Explore my visual representations, descriptions of the zodiac signs, the celebrity personalities and archetypes on your quest to discover more about you and your fabulous gifts…

That’s my gift to you!

Enjoy exploring the site, sending love light and sprinkles of stardust your way…

Kimberly x


A life-long enthusiast of astrology I embarked upon professional studies at the London School of Astrology (LSA), and The Faculty of Astrological Studies.

I enjoy making this incredibly complex subject lighter, accessible and fun, however I strive to maintain credibility and authenticity.

As such, I only write what I genuinely believe to be true, and factual from an astrological perspective (though my writing can often be tongue in cheek!)

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