Astro Style – Cancer Selena Is Really Very Leo…

Leo Rising, Plus Venus and Mercury in the Lion's Sign, and an Aries Moon!

Leo RisingVenus In LeoMercury In LeoMoon In AriesSun In Cancer

Gorgeous Gomez was born 22nd July 1992, so she’s a sensitive and gentle Cancer.

But what else can we tell about her Star Sign Style?

Selena has Venus, Mercury and her rising sign in the constellation Leo, giving her much more of a theatrical edge.

Leo is the performer of the zodiac, highly creative with an urge to produce something and realise their star power!

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Selena has her Moon in the sign ‘Aries’, giving her an independent, self-starting attitude.

See her personal horoscope below…

Selena Gomez Birth Chart

selena gomez astrology

Born 22nd July 1992 At 7.19 am in Grand Prairie, Texas…

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