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Mariah, how I love thee – let me count the ways!

Who did not while away the hours warbling away to Mariah, pretending to have her legendary lungs and incredible talent? She is a total babe and music favourite of mine.

We know her so well, so what’s her Star Sign Style?

Mariah Carey is a true Aries gal, with her Sun, Mercury and Venus sign all in the sign of the forward thrusting ram.

She has oodles of fiery energy, however it’s submerged in the area of the chart governing dreams and the subconscious, and it’s also tempered with a Scorpio moon. This adds an element of privacy to Mariah, in contrast to the raw, intrepid Arian nature, which is typically brash and confident.

Scorpio needs to operate behind the scenes, and the twelfth house is also more closed off. Mars, the energy planet, and Saturn too are sitting in this area of the chart, so much of what’s going on with Carey is beyond our comprehension.

Still, remember the Cribs episode when we were given an insight into Mariah’s extensive wardrobe and joined her in the bathtub?

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So glamorous, so dreamy, so moon-Neptune!

Moon Conjunct Neptune…

The most wonderful thing to notice in Mariah’s birth chart is her moon in Scorpio sitting with the watery planet of music and poetry, dreams, glamour and disillusion, Neptune.

This natural affinity with music is perhaps key to Mariah’s huge talent – and interestingly, it was Mariah’s mother (the moon in our chart) Patricia, an occasional opera singer and vocal coach that first introduced singing. She was never pressured, in fact Mariah kept her singer-songwriter works a secret – so Scorpio!

The close alignment of the moon and Neptune form a truly harmonious trine to the sun in Aries is really indicative of Mariah’s personal life aligning perfectly with her goals, and strong personality.

Taurus Rising presents an image to the world of a sensual, slow beauty. Taurus is the sign of the tangible materialist and over a lifetime Carey’s net worth has risen to $520 million! Nevertheless, however she’s faring financially the singer always omits a steady luxurious vibe, even in her younger days when she wasn’t so flush.

With the north node in Pisces (and the strong 12th house) I can’t help but think it was truly her calling to bring into consciousness records like Emotions, Daydreams, Endless Love, When You Believe, Rainbow and Fantasy.

I also mean to look up Mariah’s progressed Sun, to see that when she released Butterfly and Glitter her planets were in Gemini! I’m betting they will be…

Mariah Carey Astrology Chart


Born 27th March 1970 At 7.27am In Huntington, New York…

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