Imbolc Tablescape – A Ritual Gathering For Aquarius Season…

Inspiration for your winter suppers, entertaining in February and celebrating Imbolc!

Imbolc ideas from, not to be republished without permission…

Imbolc holds the spirit of hope, around February 1st.

Whether you’re celebrating Lunar New Year or adore marking the Pagan Imbolc Sabbat, there’s bound to be so much you’re anticipating and ready for at this time of year.

After all, this is the onset of spring!

An older name for snowdrops: ‘candlemas bells’, a nod to them flowering at Candlemas…

One of the earliest flowers of the year to bloom, in late winter, snowdrops are a wonderful hallmark at Imbolc – and Candlemas.

Pussy willow and rosemary are some of my choice foliage for this time of year, and all can be used around your home.

The days are still dark, yet signs of life bring cheer and optimism, and if you can’t find the real thing you can substitute with little touches on your table…

I love these embroidered cotton napkins from Susie Watson Designs, and if you’re a dab hand with needle and thread you might be able to fashion this table accessory yourself!

They also sell this gorgeous embroidered linen.

Aquarius Season: The Star…

If you were to select a Tarot card for Imbolc you might intentionally chose the Star, as this is the assigned card for Aquarius.

As Imbolc lands in the middle of Aquarius Season, we can look to this particular image for inspiration – particularly the ones above and below, which have lovely cool blue tones.

This collection from Moorcroft celebrates the winter garden and the elegance and beauty of the snowdrop.

I like the piece above, as designer Rachel Bishop pairs snowdrops with irises.

A flamboyant summer flower, the iris also blooms during cooler periods, and so we see a winter flowerbed erupting with colour, as the ground softens and makes way for another year of life…

This vase pairs the colours of Aquarius with nature in bloom!

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Planetary Rulers At Imbolc…

As Imbolc always occurs around the end of January, beginning of February, the constant Sun shines in Aquarius, making this a Saturnian, and Uranian holiday.

We might like to honour Saturn and Uranus, co-rulers of Aquarius.

Saturn enjoys colours like blacks, browns and darker tones, while Uranus is akin to bright blues.

Art By Bonny Hut

I love the image of a person at Imbolc, including all the hallmarks of this time – the lambs, candles, snowdrops and a low sun in the skies – Brigid’s doll in the top corners, too!

A symbol of Imbolc, Brigid’s cross or doll can be added to your table or alter.

Or you can create any kind of protective talisman, from your garden or a walk in the woods.

Use the natural world as inspiration, using vegetables that are good to eat at this time of year on your table…

Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, artichoke, kale, leeks, parsnips, potatoes, purple sprouting broccoli, swede, and turnips are all great hearty staples!

Get creative in the kitchen and create a masterpiece or use these touches on the table…

Use a special item of crockery as a centre piece – or go all out! How fun would it be to own this set from Bordallo Pinherio?

Bring The Light!

A winter festival, Imbolc is a time of hope and faith that warmth is around the corner.

Therefore, it’s a wonderful opportunity to add candles to your table.

Candlemas is a Christian festival held at this time, commemorating the Virgin Mary’s trip to a Temple in Jerusalem to be purified 40 days, and some will have their candles blessed for the year during a service of worship.

Cool crisp white, pale green, touches of black, hints of blue is a favourite colour combination of mine, representing the flavours of winter…

I also think this is an ideal time to hang crystals and use plenty of glass.

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