My Top 5 Things To Do During Aquarius Season!

Catch Your Breath, And More Ideas To Maximise The Sun's Tour Of Aquarius...

There’s a reason for each and every season, but what to during the Water Bearer’s reign? Discover my Top 5 Things To Do During Aquarius Season, with cosmic inspiration!

General events every Aquarius Season include:

What to do during this month, when the Sun moves through Aquarius…

1. Gather Your Circle Of Friends Safely, In A Bubble!


Aquarius Jennifer Aniston At The Heart Of The Group…

Humanitarian Aquarius is the sign of team spirit and excels at group work, considering the collective over the individual voice.

Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius… 

They’ll be your biggest (and most popular) cheerleader!

Some of the best talk show hosts are born under this sign or have Aquarius strong in the chart. They might have a sense of what needs to be known by the masses, with the capacity report with distance around human issues. While sometimes this is perceived as a lack of emotion (ahem, Ellen), they get to the facts of the matter to inform everyman.

They make brilliant team leaders! Others might see them as radical, innovative, free and liberated, although to Aquarius their approach is totally normal.

They’re at ease standing up to ‘the man’ to evoke change, to revolutionise what they see as common sense!!

Although Valentine’s Day falls in Aquarius Season you can consider your friends at this time, as well as loose alliances and allies, people you don’t personally know – or have only connected with virtually online.

Use the day of love to reach out to those that are feeling the strain of the current circumstances…

2. Do Things Differently & Revolutionise Your Ways…

Cool It And Continue To Socially Distance…

Often seen as the odd one out, the eccentric, avant garde Aquarius marches to the beat of their own unique drum. Some people might look their way and see them as weird or unusual – radical!

Even their contemporary planet rotates on a tilt, moving on its axis unlike any other in our Solar System!

Channel Aquarian style icons Mary Quant, Yoko Ono, and Paris Hilton and break with convention.

The norms have no place in spaces governed by Aquarius – the science lab, the deck of the rocket to outer galaxies!

Social distancing really took hold when Saturn appeared in Aquarius the first time around (2020). I myself was in quarantine when Mars and Saturn were together in Aquarius.

Get acquainted with modern ways:

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  • Check your privacy and data settings on social media,
  • Get informed about world affairs and the ways you can help your community,
  • Play with gender and experiment – be inspired by mega Aquarius Harry Styles,
  • Be a responsible citizen, recycle, note your environmental impact, support local and stay socially distanced!
  • Get on a team or group of likeminded peers online,
  • and update your technology if needed – ask an Aquarius for help with laptop updates, electronics and the best gadgets and gizmos!

3. Get A Birds Eye View – Use Egalitarian Energy!

Although many astrologers use the traditional rulership of Old Man Saturn, I do like to include co-ruler Uranus – the sky – when thinking about Aquarius.

One of my first astrology teachers described the ‘birds eye view’ Aquarius gets as the eleventh sign of the zodiac – they have traversed through time and space and now get a cool, objective perspective on humanity, society, people. 

Aquarius rules over space, Uranus is known in Greek mythology as the god personifying ‘The Sky’; so it seems apt that Aquarius Season lends itself to looking at the bigger picture, thinking of blue-sky concepts and really going above and beyond with what’s in the realms of possibility. 


Aquarius has an innovative spirit – hitting fast forward on the tape cassette – looking to the future and ways that spell progress for their fellow man. They may believe in equality, that all people deserve equal rights and opportunities and as such advocate or supports movements that are just.

From being ahead of the curve with recycling to staying socially aware, channel Aquarius principles now. Here’s a month when we can all gain cool perspective.

I also like that Saturn governs time, wisdom, karma and consequences. As the ancient ruler of Aquarius we have another side to the Water Bearer.


Aquarius is interwoven with astrology, which is essentially the study of time, and they are of course the knowing sign, blessed with good sense.

4. Celebrate Imbolc & Lunar New Year…

The four fixed signs are lucky enough to have wonderful celebrations during their season – the Lunar Fire Festivals or Cross Quarter Days.

In Taurus Season we have Beltane or May Day, and it’s Leo Season we have Lammas or Lughnasadh. In Scorpio Season we have Samhain or Halloween. During Aquarius’ month we have both Imbolc (the Pagan festivity) also known as Candlemas, and Chinese New Year, which is the start of a cycle!

After the cold, hard-work and endurance shown during Capricorn Season we take a moment to breathe fresh air and pause.

Lunar New Year in the Chinese calendar lines up with the New Moon in Aquarius. This festivity is ideal for setting intentions and getting still and quiet (even with the fireworks!).

5. Think Outside The Box – But Stay True To You!

As a fixed sign Aquarius has made up their mind on certain principles and philosophies.

Your Aquarian friend has typically come up against someone in their youth that gives them a reason to go their own way. They have likely turned against what’s deemed acceptable at the time, and has begun to carve their own path or niche.

This is a revolutionary sign, unafraid of revolt, rebellion, or differentness.

They might be a fan of nerdy things, geeking out over aliens, conspiracy theories, or simply like to keep abreast of the latest tech news or science research! They will be quick to volunteer an answer when they have the right foundations and thinking.

During Aquarius Season watch a movie or play a video game with Aquarius of their choosing. Invite their team online to join through the airwaves! The Matrix, The X-Files, or another title from the 90s-2000s, or plan to buy bitcoin and invest in new developing companies!

What are your choice activities for Aquarius Season? Let me know on social channels! Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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