Zodiac Interiors – Aquarius Style At Home…

It's Aquarius Season, so lets take a look inside the space ship, the Aquarian domain...

Aquarius Style At Home

Those born under the sun sign Aquarius will always have something about them that shows they’re a little different, and the home interior style of your Aquarian friend might well be where they shine their most eccentric accents.

From interior decor with eco chic touches, to boho or avant garde aesthetics, Aquarius puts her stamp on her space through a unique lens and set of interests.

She’ll also appreciate a huge window and lots of light….

The latest gadgets or high tech design might be a welcome feature in the modern, Aquarian home, or they might shirk the idea of a contemporary life, sticking it to the man and going off the grid!

Whatever feels most progressive and innovative will win. See Alicia Keys home here.

Inside the home of Cara Delevingne, moon in Aquarius


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The setting Aquarius feels most at home in is a clubhouse, with space to gather and discuss new concepts and ideas – or organize the latest rally. Think of a spacious loft room or attic, where people come together gathered around a table, putting the world to rights.

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Aquarius Oprah Winfrey has a ‘team’ of staff employed that must make her estate feel much more like a community setting than private space.

A sense of communal living means plenty to those with Aquarius strong in their horoscope and this friendly bunch will enjoy facilitating meetings and they may appreciate a space that’s big enough to entertain.


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Simple décor that reminds the owner she’s in her own world will be appealing; a spaceship-like atmosphere, clean yet artistic enough to encourage freethinking.

In Architectural Digest, Aquarius Jennifer Aniston describes her centuries-spanning decor as:

“Old World meets New World,” a polyglot mix of hand-painted wallpaper and midcentury furniture, silk rugs and polished concrete, antique Japanese screens and Abstract Expressionist paintings.

Architectural Digest explores Ellen Degeneres home with Portia De Rossi:

DeGeneres wanted to make the rooms “a little less uniform and formal.” So it is that the very first thing one notices upon entering the house is a Ping-Pong table. Not your regulation folding Masonite number, but a steel-and-glass version—one of ten executed by Argentine artist Rirkrit Tiravanija in 2008. It sits on a 19th-century Agra carpet in the entrance hall, which also accommodates pieces as diverse as a Serge Mouille chandelier, a Spanish Colonial bench, and a Jeff Koons puppy vase (it holds the Ping-Pong balls). The living room, in its current rendition, is equally eclectic. A Roman bust gazes past a graphic painting by Mark Grotjahn, Louis XVI bergères mingle with slipcovered sofas, and a Jean Prouvé jib lamp casts light on one of the African masks DeGeneres has collected.

Recycling bins or a way to help the environment may also be a cherished point in the Aquarius home.

  • Room in the house: Sitting room, recycling point, private terrace
  • Style of fittings and fixtures: Contemporary, print
  • Signature colors: Chrome, modern, teal.
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