Zodiac Interiors – Leo Style At Home…

Splendour fit for the Kings & Queens of the Zodiac – a Castle!

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Leo Style At Home

Theatrical Leo can conjures up an impressive and even palatial abode, opulent with a grand statement to be made.

Add anything to help Leo remember their regal nature, gift the Leo a pair of attractive Lions!

One of Cara Delevingne’s favourite features of her home are a pair of lion’s guarding the door…

With Leo governing the fourth house or IC (Imum Coeli and lowest point of the horoscope,) the individual can create a home rich with dramatic touches…

Animal skins and furnishings with an ornate feel work well, as well as grand colonial features and fittings.

Gold is their signature colour, so can be used liberally or as an accent on fixtures and fittings – bronze, too.

The Leo Bathroom Tap…


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Opulent touches about the house can allude to the charismatic, theatrical nature of Leo.


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A not so simple accessory, for example!


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The proud peacock is a Leo creature, and in the powder room you can go wild!

Egyptian touches and Hollywood glamor fit well with this opulent aesthetic, too…


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The fireplace is the heart of any home but for fixed fire sign Leo will hold particular significance.

It might be important for this sign to make a statement of their mantle and hearth, a sacred alter with their interests on display – photos of their children or trophies of their greatest passions.

Italy and India are Leo countries, and Rome is a Leo city, with a particularly decadent history and style.

Leo can replicate touches of their astrological homeland with a pillared porch.

Lemons and oranges or citrus colours are another way to incorporate the symbols of Leo, plus marigolds or sunflowers, crests, crowns and Sun motifs.

With the sun as its ruler Leo will appreciate a south-facing garden to lap up the summer rays at any given opportunity…

  • Room in the house: Living room, ‘Sun’ room, and any space with a fireplace,
  • Style of fittings and fixtures: Grand, ornate, gilded, ‘sunny’,
  • Signature colors: Gold, orange, yellow.
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