Zodiac Interiors – Pisces Style At Home…

It's Pisces Season, so lets take a look inside the zen zone, the Piscean domain...


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Pisces Style At Home…

Water sign Pisces rules spa-like environments, including the bathroom (along with Cancer).

The bathroom can be an extra special domain for this sign, so will appreciate touches that enhance this space and help them feel right at home – think dreamy wallpaper, mermaid tiles and touches of serenity and calm…


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Pisces will no doubt adore a windowsill or shelf stacked with crystals, or another one of their cherished hobbies – photography, spirituality, yoga, music, movies or film…

They should have an assigned zen space to help them feel beautifully at ease.


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This Neptunian zodiac sign might like black and white stills on the wall, a scene of ballet dancers, or another adored art form.

This is the zodiac sign that governs surrender and the great sleep – the bed and bedroom are Pisces domain too. 

Think of the white sheets and dreamlike state of a hospital ward…

Pisces needs a special sanctuary to de-stress, as one of the most psychic and sensitive signs. They absorb other peoples energy, so will do well to unwind in fresh white surroundings.

They also might like to live near the swimming pool in their local neighbourhood, or choose a home near a river, stream or babbling brook.

Perhaps they’re lucky enough to hear the sea or water from there home, or they might like a water feature indoors or outside in their garden.

One room in the house might feel like an artists studio, with space to develop their creative leanings and express themselves; they might like an aromatherapy space or massage table set up in one of the bedrooms, to heal family or friends with reiki, massage or hypnosis.

  • Room in the house: Bathroom and bedroom
  • Style of fittings and fixtures: Artistic, dreamy, mystical, fantastical, haphazard
  • Signature colors: Lavender, silver, sea foam green and muted watercolor tones.
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