Gifts For Leo – Shopping Inspiration For The Lion Hearted…

We're getting close to Leo Season so check out choice gifts for LIONS.

Fresh Fashion For Leo At Gucci…

Time to turn our thoughts to birthday presents for Leo…

If you didn’t know, Leo’s in the limelight now, with birthdays from 23rd July to the 22nd of August. You’ll probably have a birthday coming up for pal who’s simply purrrrfect!

Advice for friends and family of Leo looking for a great gift: Don’t be afraid to make it showy, even ostentatious dare I say!

This flamboyant lot like a little pomp and ceremony, so you can really make a fuss over them – they’re not the shy retiring type… Whatever you do, DON’T forget it’s their birthday, or else.

Stuck for inspiration? Well, this little guide might help some…

Honour The Sun!

Anything that emphasises the bright, bold Sun is ideal! Like this throw

Your Sweetness? My Weakness!

Fashion’s Roaring To Go!

Leo has the sunny confidence to wear bold statements, and will love a nod to their fierce cat-like nature.


It’s All About Leo On The High-Street

L-R, find these tees (and swimsuit) at Bank FashionForever21icon, New Look and Urban Outfitters (US).

Remember, this is an athletic, strong sign so they’ll appreciate something they can get active in.


Theatre Tripping…


Your Leo Friend Might Join The Cast On Stage – To Show Then How It’s Really Done…

Leo loves drama, opera and the theatre! The Cinema works too!

Treat this thespian-at-heart with tickets to see an all star cast at a top show. Check out The Bodyguard, stage adaptation of the film made famous by Leo leading lady, Whitney Housten or Cats!

Watch It!


One Million Says I Love You!pac-r

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I know what you’re thinking, “That packaging is SO OTT!” Yes, it’s grossly gaudy and a Virgo or Capricorn would recoil in horror if you gave this gift but trust me, Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million and Lady Million fragrances smell gorgeous.

More to the point, they’ll impress your Leo friend no end. Gold is their colour and this set’s impressive!

It contains 80ml of Lady Million Eau de Parfum, re-usable perfume charms, 5ml miniature, lipstick and a key ring.



glossy-box-leo-giftPerfect For Your Leo Little Sister

They know it deep down but Leo loves nothing more than being reminded they’re special.

Show your sister she really is super dupa every month with a six month subscription to GlossyBox. This is the gift that keeps on giving as they send you new products to try monthly in the mail in a gorgeous box. So, she’ll have a regular reminder that you care (and it’ll make borrowing her clothes so much easier..!)

Monthly subscription available at

Makeup Your Mind!

Paw Prints


It’s always nice to pick something thoughtful but what to buy for that person you don’t know so well? You’re only sure they’re a Leo!

The Leo zodiac sign rules the heart and creativity, so you can assume that these people are passionate, warmhearted and naturally creative. There’s always room for a well chosen picture, pick a print that will resonate from

For a list of Leo celebrities or Leo style icons simply follow the links and keep following Star Sign Style for more Leo fashion and beauty!

Your Highness…


It’s important to know that Leo-born are the Kings and Queens of the zodiac. Their sign is more than a little majestic and they’ll want to be treated like royalty, not just on their birthday but every day!

Gold-dipped cutlery is the answer.

£32.00 or $38.00 from anthropologie, and check out these cool caffè spoons, also available in gold.

One Off Onesie


Of course the Leo in your life is a one-off, but they won’t be in a onesie, as luscious Leo and top model of today, Cara Delevingne did it first! No matter, she’s a Leo, and no doubt your friend will like prancing abound in a one too!

Lion Kigu (pictured) at Urban Outfitters, other styles also available at (US), and see the children’s onesie at

Suitable: Sunflowers

For the neighbour you barely know – but you KNOW she’s a LEO (the clue is in her birthday season, duh!) pop round with a bunch of sunflowers, the most appropriate and uplifting bloom for Leo.

Finally, For A Little Leo Lion Cub…steiff-lion

This Steiff Leo Lion is an ideal gift for a newborn to grow up with, it’s high quality so something to love for a long time.

Growing up, Leo children need lots of adulation – never knock their confidence or creativity – just let their sunny personalities shine through!

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