Scorpio Fashion Style, She’s The Femme Fatale…

Looks For Those Born In The Scorpion's Lair!

Discover the Scorpio fashion style to elevate your look…

A femme fatale is a mysterious, seductive woman.

In French, this term literally translates to “fatal woman”… Of all the Zodiac Signs, this is an archetype best aligned with the alluring qualities of Scorpio.

Scorpio fashion style exudes a dark glamour, and Scorpio themselves embody a quiet mystery.

The allure of Scorpio is obvious.

This sign emits a seductive charm that ensnares her admirers – both friends and lovers fall for her. Just like her creature counterpart – the Scorpion – she might lead them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations.

Therein lies the thrill of Scorpio, and she can dress to demonstrate her intense power.

Governed by Pluto, planet of transformation and destruction, these people can also dress in disguise.

Scorpio, The Private Eye…

Sultry, sleek and seductive, Scorpio can channel a detective or private investigator through her wardrobe choices.

Take inspiration from Scorpio Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs, or Demi Moore in Disclosure

This sign can go undercover, and remain unnoticed the majority of the time. The best accessory for this sign is dark sunglasses,

Scorpio Fashion Style Signatures!

Here are the go-to looks for Scorpio…

  • Dark sunglasses
  • Turtlenecks
  • Tight and fitted
  • Leather
  • Dramatic hardware (studs and chains)
  • Snakeskin
  • Stiletto heels
  • Fishnet stockings
  • Knee-high boots
  • Goth
  • Witchy
  • Snake jewellery
  • Beatnik
  • Mods and rockers
  • Hoodies
  • Baseball caps
  • PVC and latex
  • Leggings
  • Sheer mesh
  • Investment pieces
  • Disguises.

Lucky Colours For Scorpio…

Oxblood, crimson, scarlet and black are the power colours for Scorpio. Think red wine or burgundy hues. Read more in Scorpio: Mesmerising In Maroon.

As a water sign, Scorpio also owns shades of blue. Look to inky blue, grey and French navy. 

Their colour palette is simple, streamlined and they tends to avoid rainbow brights. However, as this is an emotionally complex sign, they may turn on another persona to expertly hide.

Ru Paul and Katy Perry are masters of this transformative tool: playing dress up. This also means Scorpio is a master of reinvention, rising like a phoenix from the ashes with a totally new body or look.

Scorpio Style Icons…

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As a confident sign, Scorpio can create a trademark and roll with it:

  • Anna Wintour has her signature hair cut
  • Alexa Chung goes for the same silhouette 
  • Anne Hathaway is a constant
  • Kendall Jenner is seen in the same signature style
  • Winona Ryder sticks to her tried and tested colour palette 
  • Chloë Sevigny has a defined style.

See my Top Scorpio Style Icons, here!

Scorpio Fashion Style: Miss Mysterious…

Like the Scorpion that reps their sign, they’ll often be lurking, concealed in the shadows, needing to shroud themselves in a cloak of mystery…

Scorpio Rising Dita Von Teese…

Pointed stiletto are optional but can enhance their sting!

Lord of the underworld, Pluto is known for the myth that he kidnapped Persephone. Held hostage in hell, 

Venus In Scorpio Fashion Style…

Here are some stellar examples of Venus in Scorpio wearing their signature style.

Notice these stars have found a way to hide, partially, with turtleneck sweaters, a hoodie or lace.

Ava Gardner – Venus In Scorpio…

Gothic Glamour…

With minimal fuss and maximum precision, Scorpio definitely curate their wardrobes and create a trademark look.

They can rely on the Scorpio sex appeal, and effortlessly rock a gothic glamour look.

Pattern & Print: Snakeskin & Reptiles…

The Scorpio-born can totally embrace prints that honour the animal kingdom, with their special signature, snakeskin. Tough leather or shiny hard textures can be made to look like a beetle, or zebra print also works.

In Summary: What Should A Scorpio Wear?

As the dark horse of the Zodiac, Scorpio can allude to its secrets and passionate side.

Beneath the surface lies a cool, confident dresser with a signature style. Their wardrobe can contain fail-safe black dresses with statement pieces that feature subtle prints or patterns. They can dress up on special occasions, transforming completely, or might stick to a sexy, mysterious persona. 

What’s your take on Scorpio fashion style and the best outfits for this sign? Let me know via Instagram!

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