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Astrology Aesthetic, Pisces Style – Miss Mermaid…



– Miss Mermaid…

What’s the secret of fabulous Pisces fashion and beauty style?

It’s their deep watery eyes that carry so much soul, it’s the locks of unusual hair and beautiful, fluid, dreamy persona!

That’s right, the Pisces person you know is mystical, like a mythological mermaid of the sea.

Pisces-mermaid-style-Natalia Vodianova

Sun In Pisces Model Natalia Vodianova…

Her hypnotic gaze is unmistakeable, you could get lost or even drown in the depth and beauty of her eyes…


Sun In Pisces – Eva Mendes

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces has come full circle and will often carry a spiritual, knowing air. She is past, present and future.

Her deep otherworldliness will translate across her style, naturally….

Pisces Fashion Design…

alexander mcqueen fish tails

Givenchy Haute Couture by Alexander McQueen Fashion Week 1998

The late Alexander McQueen featured fish tails in his couture collection for Givenchy, in the beautiful shimmering dress seen above.

Many Pisces fashion designers give a nod to translucent, dreamy design in their collections… Read more!

Pisces – Make Like A Mermaid…


Hardly Washed Up! Pisces Model Natalia Vodianova Is A Beach Babe Mermaid…

Scorpio fashion designer Calvin Klein uses two Pisces models (Natalia Vodianova and Eva Mendes) to create a mermaid look for the CK ads.

Who better than pretty Pisces to translate the vision?

Mermaid Beauty From The Fashion Cupboard…


Sun In Pisces – Emily Blunt, Ivana Trump, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Elizabeth Taylor, Dakota Fanning And Karolina Kurkova

Want to wear it well like a Mermaid?

Take a tip from Pisces ladies and go for shimmering materials, shiny silks and fish tails hems.


Rihanna is a star that shines brightly with this trend, showing us the Pisces glamour, and, as she’s Gemini rising she can crank up the glitter factor! Read Gemini Fashion – Go Go Glitter!

Advice for Pisces fashion?

DO channel your inner mermaid…

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