Scorpio Kendall Jenner’s Personal Astrology Profile…

This Kardashian Star Is Aries Rising With A LOT Of FIRE!

Kendall Jenner was born Friday November 3rd, 1995.

We know the place (L.A.), and have a birth time of 3.38 pm courtesy of Momager and fellow Scorpio Kris Jenner, so lets look at the stars co-ordinates!

Kendall’s a Scorpio but a quick look at her chart (below) reveals she has a lot of Fire!

She has the zodiac sign Aries on the ascendant (Aries Rising), so approaches the world in a way that’s bold and self-starting.

Aries has a youthful charm and can always be counted on to dive head first into another challenge! Remember the way Kendall jumped over the rope with friend Bella Hadid? That’s a good example of her in Aries mode, and you can really see her assertive side shine when she’s being interviewed one-on-one for the show.

+ Moon In Aries

Moon in Aries adds another element to the passionate nature of Kendall, but this time it’s her sensitivity, her ability to empathise with others. When dealing with Gemini Scott Disick, I see her restless, impatient side come out. As Gemini governs the zone of siblings, he really is like a brother to her (and Gemini Kanye).

But her attitude is pretty fierce and ‘over it’, just like an Aries.

Venus In Sagittarius…

The placement of Kendall’s Venus is Sagittarius, suggesting playful, optimistic and extrovert tendencies. I do think she lives up to this, however with Venus conjunct Pluto friends and lovers must be loyal, particularly given the stardom her and her family have, not to mention power…

She also has Mars and lucky Jupiter in this sign, co-present with flirty Venus. There’s a generous dose of adventure here, with Mars – her chart ruler – trine the ascendant. This could be why she suffers with bad skin, unable to really cope with the amount of passion and excitement around the family circumstances.

She might really feel all the pressure behind the scenes, with her 12th house moon trine Pluto in Scorpio…

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Sagittarius Owns Denim…

Sagittarius is the wild horse of the zodiac, unbridled, she can dress as a true cowgirl, rocking denim or a red lip!

A bit of a class clown, your Sagittarius is friend is blunt and brazen, totally risk adverse.

With Venus in Sagittarius, Kendall will attract carefree FUN friends – buddying up with Sagittarius pal Hailey Bieber, and Venus in Aries model Gigi Hadid for good times.

Sexy Scorpio…


Kendall Owning Her Sexy Scorpio Allure…

As a Scorpio, Kendall’s inclined to value her privacy – quite a challenge coming from one of the world’s most famous families!

This is a strong and stealthy sign that has a resilience like no other.

Master of transformation, people born under this zodiac sign can slip seamlessly into many guises in a lifetime, burning their last incarnation to dust, rising in their new form from the ashes of the past.

Love how Kendall powered ahead with a modelling career, despite haters, and her start in The Kardashians reality show.

Her true nature is brave and passionate, and though she might get a few knocks down along the way I hope she maintains a warrior spirit.

Kendall Jenner’s Birth Chart…

Kendall Jenner Born Friday 3rd November, 1995 At 3.38 pm, Los Angeles Cedars Sinai Hospital, California Via AstroTheme

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