Pisces Style Advice – Have A Pyjama Party…

This water sign presides over dreams, sleep and our nightwear!

Pisces Style Tips & Fashion Signature… Sky Blue Striped PJs at Honna

As the Zodiac sign most closely ruled by dreamy, cinematic Neptune, Pisces presides over the realm of sleep, rest and recuperation. They are the illusionists and (with Gemini) the magicians.

As the twelfth sign, Pisces represents the final step in the cycle of life. Almost at Spring Equinox and the astrological New Year, Pisces sees us gain closure. Just as Aries represents new beginnings, Pisces represents finality.

Here we’re invited to slip into endings, isolation and to succumb to renewal. R&R – rest and recuperation – is wise. Consider hospitals, jails and institutions the domain of Pisces.

Pisces can move in liminal spaces, healing, nursing and tending the sick. They are often at ease with the unknown and unknowable. They are the guides that walk us through the last step in our journey, and may be drawn to palliative care.

Death – the ultimate ending – is called the great sleep! At times, it’s watery Scorpio and Pisces who are called upon to be of service. 

Deeply attuned with a sense of compassion and understanding, Pisces people are among the great healers and spiritual folk. Theirs is a destiny that aligns with nursing, poetry and sacrifice – selfless acts that benefit the collective.

What Does This Mean In Terms Of Fashion?

Cindy Crawford (Pisces Model). Gwyneth Paltrow (Pisces Rising). Drew Barrymore Pisces Sun. Olivia Wilde Pisces Sun…

Pisces can wear simple outfits that promote relaxation.

Rather than show stopping looks with sharp edges and silhouettes, they are subtle. Soft, gentle outlines work best. An emotional water sign, highlight empathy with sheer touches.


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  • The robes of a monk or religious folk,
  • Nightdresses and négligée,
  • Ballerina taffeta and dreamline textures,
  • Sleepwear, pajamas or pyjamas and dressing gowns,
  • Slip dresses and silky camisole tops,
  • Nurses ‘whites’,
  • Romantic, bohemian, artistic,
  • Floaty scarves and blouses,
  • Dreamy, flowing fabrics,
  • Kimonos
  • Long skirts and dresses.

As the soulful artists of the zodiac, Pisces suit clothes that are unrestrictive. They’re suited to padding around their place of work or home. Imagine Jesus in his white cheesecloth pant suit, Picasso in his painting gear…

All white is a wonderful base that allows Pisces to avoid absorbing other energies.

Pisces Style? Play In Pyjamas!

Millie Bobby Brown, Sun & Uranus in Pisces. Eva Longoria, Pisces Sun & Jupiter. Rihanna, Pisces Sun & North Node. va Herzigová, Sun, Venus And Mercury In Pisces, Moon In Taurus. Jhené Aiko, Sun & Moon in Pisces.

Pisces people can have a dreamy mop of bed head hair (and make it look super sexy!)

Pisces Presides Over Negligee…

via Love Stories

Negligee is French for “careless and neglected”. Usually we think of an informal gown, usually of a soft sheer fabric, worn at home by women. The antithesis to the restricted corset, negligee is loose-fitting, worn during the rest period after lunch.

Best Fashion Advice For The Pisces Style Signature?

Dress for bed!Your wardrobe’s sorted when you rest and retire.

Look to the Pisces icons Drew Barrymore, Rihanna, Liz Taylor, Olivia Palermo, Natalia Vodianova, Erin Heatherton, Madison Beer and Olivia Rodriguez. Also, Pisces Rising Kourtney Kardashian, Whitney Houston and Gwyneth Paltrow.

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