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Pisces Fashion Style – Have A Pyjama Party!



– Have A Pyjama Party!

Neptune ruled, the zodiac sign Pisces presides over the realm of sleep and dreams.

As the twelfth sign, Pisces represents the final step in the cycle of life – slipping back into the ether, via the last step in our journey – death, the ultimate and great sleep!

Just as Aries represents new beginnings, Pisces represents finality.

Deeply attuned with a sense of compassionate understanding, Pisces people are among the great healers and spiritual folk.

Theirs is a destiny that aligns with nursing, poetry and sacrifice – selfless acts that benefit the collective.

As the artists of the zodiac, they suit clothes that are unrestrictive and suited to padding around unnoticed – imagine Jesus in his white cheesecloth pant suit, Picasso in his painting gear… dressing gown and pyjamas!

Pisces Rachel Weisz style

Rachel Weisz, Sun, Moon, Mercury And Venus In Pisces…



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Pisces Rising Style…


Pisces Rising Gwyneth P…

Sweet Dreams

Pisces Eva Herzigová astrology

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Bed Head

Pisces Erin Heatherton

Erin Heatherton…

Pisces people can have a dreamy mop of bed head hair (and make it look super sexy!)

Pisces Dakota Fanning

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Dress for bed! Then your wardrobe’s sorted…

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