Tarot Style – The High Priestess: Queen of the Night…

Megan Skinner explores the archetypes in Tarot through a stylish lens...

Since antiquity, the Tarot has presented images stimulating our imagination and inspiring our divinatory powers.

But how are these archetypes found in our everyday icons of style?

Megan Skinner is an internationally-known Tarot reader and astrologer, and each month, gives us a deeper look into the Tarot through the lens of pop-culture and fashion…

Card of The Month: II – The High Priestess: Queen of the Night

The High Priestess From The Rider Waite Tarot Deck…

The High Priestess is ruled by the Moon, and knows that it is in the mystery of night where her powers lie.

She represents: intuition, knowing, the Sacred Feminine and eternal knowledge.

If the High Priestess has come into your life, she is a reminder of your own innate powers of knowing and inner-wisdom.

She encourages you to take time to connect more deeply with your inner, spiritual life through ritual, meditation and stillness.

Style-icon Madonna is definitely a High Priestess!

Here’s a pic of her (below) at the famously fashionable Met Ball back in May, in full H.P. mode.

The 2018 Met Ball’s theme was: Heavenly Bodies, Fashion and the Catholic Church.

Although Madonna was raised Catholic, much of her work is in defiance of the patriarchal themes of religion.

The High Priestess is not sanctioned by the “church”. She is an embodiment of the Goddess, of the sacred feminine.

In ancient times she was Isis, worshipped as spiritual mother, the very essence from which all being became.

Yet, because of her ​knowledge and her power, she was labeled as crazy, a heretic, a witch.

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Megan Skinner explores the archetypes in Tarot through a stylish lens...

Today, we High Priestess’s are here to help right the imbalance of masculine and feminine energy in spirituality. To bring the eternal into the present.

Embrace High Priestess Style

Think dark—midnight blue, black, elegant, up-style goth.

Nothing common, the High Priestess is worthy of the finest adornment, she is a Priestess, after all!

She loves a veil, all the better to enhance her mystery.

Ruled by the Moon, her gemstone is the moonstone, which enhances her intuitive powers.

Crescent Moon Via Etsy…

Her color is silver, the color of a shimmery moon.

The High Priestess is especially aware of symbols and their deeper meaning, and often wears talismans that speak to her inner truth.

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In the Rider Waite Tarot Deck, the High Priestess is depicted with a crown – the crown of Isis – which symbolises the Triple Goddess. Therefore crowns are hallmarks of this archetype, too.

Madonna Wearing An Impressive Headpiece…


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Cher As Isis With Headdress…

You’ll also note the statement necklace – a crucifix, which is one more way to work High Priestess style. Add a large cross around your neck.

Necklace via edensky.com…

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