Tarot Style The Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords: Standing in Your Truth and Fashionably So!

Since antiquity, the Tarot has presented images stimulating our imagination and inspiring our divinatory powers.

But how are these archetypes found in our everyday icons of style?

Megan Skinner is an internationally-known Tarot reader and astrologer, and each month, gives us a deeper look into the Tarot through the lens of pop-culture and fashion…

Queen of Swords Card: Standing in Your Truth and Fashionably So!

It’s Aquarius season, and the Tarot Style card is the stately and truth-seeking Queen of Swords.

The Queen of Swords, like Aquarius, is ruled by the element of air, here representing the realm of the intellect and rational mind. This is not your warm and fuzzy queen, instead she is all about cutting through the B.S. and getting to the truth in all matters!

Couture Tarot Queen of Swords…

Some may call her cold, but ultimately she is a fair and just queen, inspiring you to find higher clarity, free from emotional distractions. The Queen of Swords indicates a time to be clear and intentional in your actions. Others are looking to you for your wisdom, and you need to stand for what is fair and right. Even if it doesn’t make everyone happy!

Aquarian Queen, Amal…

Our Queen of Swords Style Icon is Aquarian lawyer, Amal Clooney.

Clooney specializes in international law and is a leading presence in the human rights movement. Her clients range from the former Prime Minister of Ukraine to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, to less notable persons suffering from injustice.

Whether in the courtroom or in front of the United Nations, she is a commanding presence, standing for the truth. ​And yes, of course, she is the wife of one of the handsomest men in the world.

Yet, even though she’s married to George Clooney, she has never let go of her individuality and greater purpose. So very Aquarius!

All the while become a leading fashion presence with her timeless sense of style.

Embracing Your Queen of Swords Style

The Queen of Swords has an elegant and refined look, in a word: Classy. Whether it’s straight-up couture or at her local high-end consignment shop, she’s looking for ensembles that reflect her serious, no-nonsense nature.

The Queen of Swords is not into (shudder!) trendy fashion, instead she invests in well-made, timeless pieces.

And invest she will, even if the price is high, because she knows the importance of presenting herself well. She’s also a stickler for fit; The Queen of Swords never hesitates to employ a good tailor!

Like most air signs, The Queen of Swords has a love of all things metallic, and likes to incorporate metallic fabrics in her wardrobe. Whereas some may find metallic-wear to be cold, The Queen of Swords sees it as a form of protection, much like a fashionable suit of armor.

Happily for her, metallic fashion is the current rage on many runway shows and ad campaigns!

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The Queen Of Swords, Meaning

  • Clear Communication,
  • Non Judgemental,
  • Solid Boundaries,
  • Independent.

Megan’s Tarot deck the Couture Tarot will launch in the fall, keep following Star Sign Style for all of the details, and find Megan on Instagram here, at megansees.

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