Tarot Style – Strength: Making Friends with Your Inner-Beast!

Megan Skinner explores the archetypes in Tarot through a stylish lens...

Since antiquity, the Tarot has presented images stimulating our imagination and inspiring our divinatory powers.

But how are these archetypes found in our everyday icons of style?

Megan Skinner is an internationally-known Tarot reader and astrologer, and each month, gives us a deeper look into the Tarot through the lens of pop-culture and fashion…

Card of The Month: VIII Strength: Make Friends with Your Inner-Beast…

The Strength Card From The Rider Waite Tarot Deck…

The Strength card is ruled by the Leo the lion, and often associated with the fairytale Beauty and the Beast.

Once upon a time…a fair maiden encountered a ferocious lion! Innocent as she was, she decided to try and befriend the creature. With time and patience, she found herself falling in love with the fierce beast. In turn, her love transformed the lion and he surrendered to her.

The lion in this story represents our “inner-beast”, the parts of ourselves that make us feel uncomfortable, even out of control.

Desire, creativity and passion are prime examples; in fact, the Crowley deck names this card ‘Lust’!

When the Strength card comes your way, it is a time to commune with your desires. What makes your heart beat fast? What do you lust for? You may need to re-consider lifestyle and relationship changes that reflect a new sense of empowerment that awaits.

Engaging with these potent and primal energies may scare you, but don’t run away. Stay and engage, transformation awaits. Remember: In vulnerability comes great strength.

Ultimately, Strength is about falling in love with yourself—warts (claws, fangs) and all. This is a moment to be utterly and divinely selfish; celebrate yourself, and don’t hesitate to ask for what your heart needs.

Style-Icon Emma Watson Embodies Strength!

Star of the live action Beauty and the Beast, Emma embraces the traits of strength and courage.

Disney’s Beauty And The Beast With Aries Emma Watson

Not only was she the live action Belle in the fairytale on screen, Watson is the perfect style icon for the Strength card, combining an innocent, virginal look with plenty of fierceness!

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She is the epitome of feminine bravery, confronting what others would deem ’embarrassing’ or unladylike.

Emma openly subscribes to OMGYes.com, a website that uses scientific research to unlock the full potential of the female orgasm; she passionately fights the corner for this and countless other causes, looking within herself to come out roaring.

Watson isn’t lacking in courage yet she isn’t overtly brazen or fierce. She embodies a gracious poise and true heartfelt Strength.

Embrace Strength Tarot Style

Time to celebrate your own unique sense of style!

What clothes make you happy, and feel vibrant and alive? Don’t look outside yourself for validation—instead OWN what works for you! Remember Strength style comes in many different forms…

We love this soft, demure look – think maiden-virginal smock dresses, white ruffles, pleats and a bit of lace with a steely undertone.

Strength is all about the heart, and rose quartz is a perfect champion. Or the infinity symbol, which is seen in the card, showing the enduring and eternal nature of our spirit.

Found via notonthehighstreet.com.

Also, any jewelry or clothes that include a heart motif are reminiscent of the Strength card energy.

Whatever your fashion choices—roar with pride!

Megan’s Tarot deck the Couture Tarot will launch in the fall, keep following Star Sign Style for all of the details, and find Megan on Instagram here, at megansees.

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