Tarot Style – The World, Expanding Horizons…

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Since antiquity, the Tarot has presented images stimulating our imagination and inspiring our divinatory powers.

But how are these archetypes found in our everyday icons of style?

Megan Skinner is an internationally-known Tarot reader and astrologer, and each month, gives us a deeper look into the Tarot through the lens of pop-culture and fashion…


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XXI—The World Card: Time to Expand your Horizons!

It’s Sagittarius season, a time when we are inspired to expand our world view and embrace a bigger picture—politically, culturally and spiritually.

Sag is all about living life large, and brings to mind the Tarot’s World card.

The World is the last card of the Major Arcana, representing the completion of a journey. Here we integrate the lessons of the previous Arcana (all that we have learned), ready to share our wisdom with the world.

Sagittarius is a wisdom-seeker, and uses its own journey to inspire others, which is the very essence of The World.

Our World Style Icon is Sagittarian musician and songwriter Taylor Swift. Like most Sag’s, Swift is larger than life, outspoken and more than ready to share her journey, in her case, through her music. She never shies away from revealing her truth–warts and all!

In the best Sag sense, Taylor Swift is a gifted storyteller, and we not only relate to her, we are inspired by her journey.


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The World Card says become a Global Ambassador!

As Taylor Swift traveled the world on her Reputation tour, she celebrated individuality and inclusivity, especially around female “girl tribe” empowerment. She also became a political force in the U.S., when she became active on Instagram encouraging her followers to get out and vote in the mid-term elections.

She is a testament to the power of global community and grassroots networking! ​

Exploring Your World Look

The World encourages embracing environment-friendly clothing lines. We can be fashionable, while also taking care of our planet!

Here’s a few of our favorite lines (compliments of thredup.com)…

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Alternate Apparel – For your everyday basics, this company has great vintage-style clothing. 80% of their garments are produced from sustainable materials.

DL 1961 – A premium jeans brand, they produce great denim looks while partnering with socially responsible vendors to reduce pollution.

Everlane – We love this trendy fashion brand, they put the good in good looks, with radical transparency, exceptional quality, and ethical factories.

Some established brands have gotten on the environment-friendly bandwagon as well, most notably, Eileen Fisher, Patagonia (who is currently giving their $10m tax cut back to environmental causes) and H&M’s Conscious Collection.

Happy fashion, as we shop and save the world, one garment at a time!

The World Card, Meaning

  • Wholeness and completion
  • travel,
  • accomplishment,
  • Celebration of Success.

Megan’s Tarot deck the Couture Tarot will launch in the fall, keep following Star Sign Style for all of the details, and find Megan on Instagram here, at megansees.

The World In Different Decks


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This Cat Owns The World!


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The Wild Unknown…


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