How To Keep Cool During Mercury Retrograde…


Ready to Retrograde?

You best be!

Mercury does an about turn in the sky three to four times a year, so there’s no escaping the havoc he wreaks in the universe – see the 2018 Mercury retrograde cycles, here.

However, is it really that bad?

Maybe, for some. Gemini and Virgo folk are Mercury ruled and thus particularly sensitive to this cycle. But for most of us we get by with just a bump or scratch here or there (preferably the iPhone, not us!)

Affected Areas

Travel, communications, commerce, networks and such can be affected, and all related:

Advertising, Sales, Publishing, Technology, Commerce, PR, Emails, Speech, Mobile Phones, Postage, Traffic, Cars, Highways, Information Highways – the Internet! You name it, it needs double-checking…

Read more about how messenger Mercury rules thinking, speech, communication, technology, and transportation, here.

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Now For My Astro Advice…

1. Rethink matters.

Nobody’s perfect, not even Virgo.

With Mercury Retrograde we can rethink the finer details of our plans and reorder our structures. Review, reassess and rearrange.

2. Reconnect.

Mercury buys us more time so we can revisit old relationships and catch up with friends. With Mercury retrograde in the fire signs in 2018 pick up the phone!

3. Rest and Recuperate.

If Mercury Retro does send you loopy then indulge in some R&R. Slow down and recalibrate,

Check out these shoes for Mercury Retrograde!

If all else fails, here is your MANTRA, because after all, it’s only from our perception here on earth that Mercury appears to be moving backwards… Repeat after me:

“It’s just an illusion, it’s just an illusion…”

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