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The Sun's sidekick, go-between and communicator!

Mercury In Space…

Messenger Mercury In Astrology – It’s How You Think…

Mercury in astrology is known as the messenger planet, bringing news from around the solar system.

It travels with the Sun, and oversees all types of communication, connectivity and commerce. Our ‘Mercury Sign’ is the constellation the planet was transiting at birth, and sets the style of our mind mechanics! Our Mercury sign is the way we think, and what we talk about…

Mercury is the planet of communication, thought and connections, and indicates the style in which we’re likely to communicate, our state of mind and how we naturally think and process information. It’s the way we think, talk and what we’re likely to talk about. Mercury is the winged messenger that carries forth the message of the ‘King’ it closely follows the Sun.

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Mercury ‘loans’ himself to the planets, adding touches of talent in communication and a quick and agile mind in particularly blessed birth charts.

For example, someone with a Mercury close to Venus might show a talent for writing love letters, or Mercury conjunct the Sun could be someone who expresses themselves and their priorities well.

Mercury: Merchant, Magician And Totally Mental! 

Mercury is known as a trickster magician, Loci the devil, or the naughty, formless mimic.


Mercury – How Do You Communicate?

Mercury rules commerce and exchange, communication and contact. All types of connections and networks are Mercury-ruled including our nervous system. This planet has ownership over letters, telephones and emails – the US postal services used Mercury as their first symbol back in 1782.

It also oversees short trips, networking and chatting – even gossip! It represents our neighbours, siblings, learning and early school life, nicknames, naming or labelling with words.

Mercury Rules Gemini And Virgo…


The planet Mercury has rulership over the Mutable zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo, which means they share some of the traits of the planet, including a flexible (or flighty) character and easy style in communicating.

Like Mercury, magpie Gemini can be linked to the devil, ‘the dual one’, Diablo, and is sometimes described as an amoral. Virgo fares better, as her style of communication sifts, sorts and is discriminating.

If you have your Mercury in either Gemini or Virgo, you’re lucky to have Mercury on your side, as he is most at ease in these signs, operating with a natural affinity toward spreading his message.

Your Mercury Sign In Astrology…

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Our Mercury sign can reveal something about the way we express ourselves, the way our mind works, the way we talk and communicate. In fact, it’s an indicator of how we talk, what we talk about – even what we think about!

As a planet, Mercury travels very close to the Sun – it is never more than 28 degrees away from the Sun, which means your Mercury sign will always be close to your Sun Sign or Star Sign within the zodiac. So, Aries will have Mercury in Pisces, Aries or Taurus, while Cancerians will have their Mercury in Gemini, Cancer or Leo… Look up your Mercury sign here.

Mercury Signs!

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What is Mercury Retrograde?

When Mercury’s retrograde it means that the planet Mercury appears to be travelling backwards from our perspective on earth.

It is believed to be a time when communication goes haywire and miscommunications or errors occur…

Emails might bounce and get lost in the ether without us realising, contracts might suffer glaringly obvious oversights or we might just get confused for no reason.

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It’s a good time for revisiting and reviewing paperwork or letters we might wish to send, going over old ground. It’s not so good for signing contracts or committing ourselves where something might be at risk of error.

At best, double check before pressing ‘send’!

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